Curriculum Change: 2019

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Last month (in April 2017), the IB published a ‘second report to teachers’ outlining the Language A: Language and Literature curriculum review that is currently ongoing. The review document is available on the IBO’s OCC and is worth careful reading.

The curriculum will change in 2019 for first teaching in the August of that year. First examinations will, therefore, take place in 2021. InThinking intends to remain at the forefront of the quality provision of teaching resources to support the teaching of the course in whatever form it takes. We aim to continue to provide engaging materials that add significant value in the classroom and that simultaneously save time for busy teachers.

The IB will introduce subject specific seminars from February 2019.

The changes that will take place are likely to be far-reaching and will have significant implications for planning, teaching, and assessment. Whatever occurs, the InThinking English A: Language and Literature site will be with teachers every step of the way, and we will retain our (we like to think) rapid response to any question or query posted by our subscribers.

Many of the proposed changes are far advanced, and it is unlikely that there will be significant change to what is already proposed. However, since the review is incomplete, we feel it is prudent to await further detail before we provide any form of response. Teachers may, of course, ask questions or discuss the curriculum review through our site’s forum. Please remember, however, that whilst the site is managed by very experienced IB practitioners, we do not speak on behalf of the IB.

As we move forward (all the world is a metaphor!), we endeavour to be the ‘Gold Standard’ in the delivery of teaching resources for the course. As we develop, we hope to continue to work with our subscribers, and we welcome any feedback that contributes to continuous improvement.

Thanks for your ongoing support!



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