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Wednesday 24 May 2017

When I began here at InThinking, I wrote a blog post introducing myself through an ice-cream metaphor.  I’m the second scoop in your InThinking Language and Literature bowl.  A bit of strawberry compliments David’s chocolate and it hopefully makes the website that much more rich.  I’m going to make another introduction in this post, but first, if you will allow, I’d like to tell a personal story from my childhood. 

I’m the second of four kids, and growing up, family lore has it that I used to drag my little brother Kevin—who’s not so little anymore, sorry Kev—around the house by his neck.  He was too young to crawl and I was too young to understand why he couldn’t move on his own.  I took it upon myself, like all big brothers do, to help him outIn what I still think was an ingenious move, I would lock my arms around Kevin's neck and then proceed to drag him along the carpet to get him to our desired location. 

My mom tells me that she used to watch, horrified at what I was doing.  She tried to stop me, but I was determined that wherever I went, Kevin came along with me.  I would plant my body on the ground, belly to the floor, right arm hooked around his neck and do a crawl-pull:  I crawled forward and then pulled Kevin’s little body by his neck until he was even with me.  Crawl.  Pull.  Crawl.  Pull.  It was an efficient technique for a two year old. 

Kevin eventually learned to move on his own which meant that my helpful assistance wasn’t needed anymore.  It pleased my mom to no end that this period of bonding was over.  It took another seven years or so for headlocks to appear again, this time courtesy of us imitating the WWF moves we saw on television. 

I tell you this story because InThinking has just launched an IB Literature site and I have come to think of them as our little brother.  While David and I haven’t given them any headlocks or dragged them around the room by their necks, they are brand new, having launched earlier this month.  Unfortunately, as soon as you learn that I am younger than the site authors, this metaphor doesn't exactly hold true, but I’m still going to cling to it like I clung to Kevin all those years ago.

If you want resources and materials for the Literature course or if you are just curious, here’s my promo: check them out.  Search the site.  Look at the what’s available.  I’m not trying to persuade you to purchase a subscription.  Instead, I’m actively, openly, and honestly suggesting you meander around their site and then decide for yourself.   

The site authors, Mark Beverley and David White, are experienced IB teachers who will treat you with courtesy and warmth.  I’m confident in saying that and not because (full disclosure) David is my department head.  I’ve experienced that kindness in person since I began teaching in Singapore and I fully believe that will translate online as well.  

Like all little brothers, they will need to stand on their own, to stop crawling and start walking like Kevin did decades ago.  All I'm asking is that you see what they have to offer.  I’m not too sure how I will literally pull them by the neck—I’m still dreaming about the WWF moves I can pull in the office tomorrow morning—but I do know that they are a wonderful addition and we are excited to have them join our family here at InThinking!



P.S.   David posted last week about our desire to be your “go to” for whatever arises when the curriculum changes in 2019.  Anxiety often accompanies change and we want to be there to help you along the way.  David and I realize you pay good money to subscribe to our Language and Literature site and we are so, so grateful and humbled by that support.

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