PowerPoint Introductions

Thursday 21 March 2019

PowerPoint is a bit like Brussel sprouts; you either love it, or you hate it. Personally speaking, my preference is for sprouts. Listening to a turgid ‘death by PowerPoint’ presentation is, well, just that; it’s turgid. Of course, I am also ‘that guy’, having droned on in front of a few unfortunate and slumbering audiences, reading slide after slide, as I imagine myself to be some mellifluously spoken chipper wit. Alas…

PowerPoint is not, however, universally disliked (and I am not the only one to enjoy Brussel sprouts). PowerPoint, where slides are kept pithy, can enhance an otherwise good presentation. And, I know from experience, it provides a crutch to help me structure and present to audiences where I am less confident or secure in my own knowledge and understanding.

Whether you love PowerPoint, hate it, of find yourself in a more nuanced in-between, we have provided - HERE - a few PowerPoints for you (our subscribers). No doubt, we will add more. Like everything on our site, it is there for you to take it, improve it, or leave it.

Publishing this page in advance of the revised course (for first examinations in 2021), we think that, in getting to grips with the course, some PowerPoints could prove helpful. In the first PowerPoint, we provide a course introduction which aims to synthesise critical considerations for course design. The PowerPoint may inform discussions around course planning, not least in larger English departments. The second PowerPoint provides and overview of course assessment, and can be used within departments and teaching communities, but may also be used as an introduction and subsequent aide-memoire for students.


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