August Updates - New Individual Oral on the Site

Thursday 15 August 2019

The InThinking English A: Language and Literature website is now fully functional for the new course with first exams in May of 2021.  We spent a considerable amount of time over the summer to get InThinking up to date for you.  It mattered to us that the site was ready to go at the start of a new school year.  A new course is intense and stressful.  We wanted to try to ease that anxiety a bit.    

And while we are pleased with where we are, David and I are not complacent at all.  We know you need more and we are committed to providing you more.  We will continue to add more bodies of work, more exemplars, more teaching resources and more of what you ask for to meet your needs in the months to come. 

This week, I’ve posted another Individual Oral, linked here.  While it’s not great to use with students (just yet), it is an excellent exemplar for you.  It will help provide you clarity in what is and what isn’t okay to do – to a degree.  See the questions this oral poses as the bottom of the post to better understand this assessment.  And as you continue to build your own understanding, you can then use this exemplar with students.  They will have endless questions.  That post and that exemplar is meant to support you in answering them. 

I’ll end with this.  For those of you starting a new school year and beginning to teach the new course, may you find joy in doing so.  I am hoping that I can bring that sense of joy to my own classroom teaching (starting next week!) and maybe, just maybe, students will find their curiosity piqued and their sense of wonder about language heightened.   



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