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Generation Z: #memyselfieandifree14 December 2017

We have arrived at Generation Z. It is this so-called iGeneration that we currently teach. For them, familiarity with the Internet and social media started from a young age. They grew up in the early... more

Bias13 December 2017

Bias refers to language that supports an ideological position, either explicitly or implicitly. When we see subjectivity in pieces of writing that should be objective, we can claim that they are biased.... more

2017 Paper 1 (HL) - Wealth and Happiness (Part 2)free10 December 2017

The following exemplar is a student response to the May 2017 Higher Level Paper 1 examination. It compliments an earlier post about these texts with the goal of providing a range of student writing on... more

Travel and Nature Writing30 November 2017

Travel writing is not dead. Writers from the past such as Joseph Conrad, Evelyn Waugh and Claude Lévi-Strauss said it was. It was even suggested that travel itself was dead. Not true. It has been claimed... more

2017 Paper 1 (HL) - Wealth and Happiness30 November 2017

This Higher Level Paper 1 exemplar, from May 2017, is the first in a series of three posts. The comparative commentary is based on Text C and Text D from that exam year. While InThinking cannot publish... more

Political Attack Advertisements27 November 2017

Like them or not, political attack advertisements are all around us. We see them in referendums of all sorts, including debates about Brexit. Of course, they are most ubiquitous in elections, and the... more

Why Myths Matter16 November 2017

The highly regarded, prize winning writer, Andrew O’Hagan is only a few months older than me. He was born in the same Scottish city. We grew up less than 20 miles apart in very similar, apocalyptically... more

Language and power15 November 2017

One of the suggested topics from the Language A: Language and Literature guide is 'language and power'. This is a very broad topic and may cover other topics as well. One of the many uses of language... more

How to Help - The Language of Medical Emergencies9 November 2017

In a recent job posting for a senior account assistant, an applicant needed to be able to "handle ACCPAC accounting system"; "carry out all other AP/AR related functions"; and "assist ERP project data... more

Comparative Commentaries to Go: Fit to Lead?2 November 2017

It’s funny how things coalesce, isn’t it? Or maybe, they don’t coalesce at all. Maybe we just join the dots in patterns that suit our purpose.It started, then, with, I thought, some good news: Kazuo... more