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Accepting the Inevitable: Oliver Sacks Essays (Body of Work)free22 April 2021

In 2015, two weeks before his death, the New York Times published an essay by Oliver Sacks titled “Sabbath.” In the essay, he writes about “what is meant by living a good and worthwhile life –... more

Creating student accountsfree22 April 2021

Allowing students to access to InThinkingMany of the pages on this site are accessible to students. The information below explains how to provide your students with the means to use the site; if there... more

Small Axe (A Body of Work): 4 Lovers Rock21 April 2021

In the first page of our materials written for Steve McQueen’s Small Axe anthology we considered Mangrove, the first of five films about the British black (mainly West Indian) community over a period... more

Integrating quotes19 April 2021

Paper 1 assesses ones ability to integrate relevant examples into the commentary (Criterion A). What does it mean for an analysis to be "supported by well-chosen examples?" How do you integrate quotes... more

Preparing for Paper 1: The Orator - 21 Questions19 April 2021

On the 21st of January 2009, I drove my car into my yard, and parked it just outside my house. Typical for northern Sweden in January, it was cold and snowy outside, and so I left my car engine running... more

Assessment8 April 2021

This is an unseen guided textual analysis. Students are given two non-literary extracts. They choose one. A question is provided and students write a guided textual analysis using that question to... more

Frequently asked questions8 April 2021

Some Frequently Asked QuestionsI’m new to the IB and I don’t fully understand the idea of non-literary bodies of work. Can you explain what the IB means by it?Yes! But it’s complicated so we... more

IB acronyms8 April 2021

Like any organization or school, the International Baccalaureate is full of acronyms, shorthand, and nouns that are specific only to the IB. There are many more, of course, but this is a good starting... more

IB mission statement and learner profile8 April 2021

What sets the International Baccalaureate apart from many different examining boards across the world is their mission statement. It is the center that holds everything together. It’s important to... more

The course8 April 2021

It is a mandatory requirement for all students to have a learner portfolio. Click here to find out more about the learner portfolio. Literary works:Non-literary texts:Literary works: more