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The Individual Oral: Exemplar 3 (The Great Gatsby and Generation Wealth)free22 August 2019

This is out third Individual Oral exemplar. The first can be found here, and the second can be found here. On an earlier page - see here - we provided lesson ideas for teaching the global issue of inequality.... more

Individual Oral: Exemplar 2 (Salome and Pulp Fiction)15 August 2019

This individual oral exemplar is excellent for us teachers. Here’s why. The student has done some questionable things. At the time of publishing this, in August of 2019, we don’t yet have clarity... more

Connecting, Comparing and Contrasting in Paper 2free14 August 2019

Teachers familiar with the IB Language and Literature course for last examinations in 2020 will know that the Paper 2 examination does not require students to compare and contrast their literary works.... more

The Individual Oral, Global Issues, The Great Gatsby, and Generation Wealth (with Bodies of Work)8 August 2019

A social media post written by a language and literature teacher suggested that teaching global issues is a waste of time and not something to be concerned about. There is, arguably, some merit in this... more

Paper 1: Specimen Paper (Slavery Today)7 August 2019

One of the things we aim to do at InThinking is to make the lives of teachers a little easier. One of the ways in which we do this is to provide a wide range of samples for teachers to use in their classroom... more

Global issues31 July 2019

The IB has defined global issues in the following manner: (a) they have significance on a wide/large scale; (b) they are transnational; (c) the impact is felt in everyday contexts (55). It is imperative... more

Paper 2 Revision With Twitterature 25 July 2019

Here is a very short, simple activity for Paper 2 revision. You can use it at the beginning of a lesson as a 'starter' activity, or at the end. It takes 5-15 minutes. As exams loom, it is also a creative... more

- Viral 19 July 2019

The term 'viral' is a combination of two words 'commercial' and 'virus'. It is a commercial that travels like a virus from friend to friend, via social networks and e-mail. These videos usually involve... more

- Use of celebrities19 July 2019

In advertisements, public service announcements and propaganda, we often see the use of celebrities to try to sell us an idea or product. It is an age-old technique in the world of advertising and marketing.... more

- Textuality 19 July 2019

When we refer to 'textuality' we mean the characteristics that define a text. What makes a speech a speech? What makes a blog a blog? What are the inherent structures that define a text? This is what... more