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Language and power12 July 2018

One of the suggested topics from the Language A: Language and Literature guide is 'language and power'. This is a very broad topic and may cover other topics as well. One of the many uses of language... more

2018 Paper 1 (HL) Beesfree12 July 2018

Two weeks ago (in June 2018), we published an HL Paper 1 response to texts A and B. These texts were both about a significant global issue – robots and artificial intelligence. The response is available... more

2017 Paper 1 (SL) Justice Hub (Part 2)free5 July 2018

This is the second post from the Standard Level May 2017 Paper 1 examination. You can find the text here (as seen online and not in the exact exam format). For the actual exam paper, you will need... more

2018 Paper 1 (HL) Robotsfree28 June 2018

In January this year (2018) a new kind of shop opened in Seattle. Amazon Go’s ‘just walk out’ convenience store made it possible for customers to walk in, scan their phones, pick up goods, and walk... more

Textual analysis: Why not be a writer?14 June 2018

A few years ago – I cannot say exactly when – I remember reading about a meeting between two writers. One of those writers was a young Jonathan Franzen. Or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was a young... more

How to Apologize – The Great Chicken Crisis of 20187 June 2018

Yes, there was a chicken crisis in 2018. If you didn’t hear about it, in February 2018, Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in the UK ran out of, well, chicken. And the world crumbled. more

2017 P2 HL (Never Let Me Go and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close31 May 2018

The following paper 2 HL essay addresses the sixth question in the May 2017 examination: Some say ignorance is bliss. How is “not knowing” presented in at least two works that you have studied and... more

2017 Paper 1 (SL) "New Scientist" (Part 2)24 May 2018

This is the second textual analysis that InThinking has published based on the “New Scientist” article from the May 2017 exam. The first one, found here, is excellent in many respects. It shows... more

In Thinking Critically about the Internet of Things 17 May 2018

I live in semi-rural Bavaria. It is blissfully bucolic. I might even say tranquil. Recent interactions with a neighbour, however, have left me thinking that I am living in the television drama, Better... more

#deleteFacebook - Media and Ethics10 May 2018

As the Facebook Cambridge Analytica data scandal erupted on March 17th, 2018, a continued discussion about the role of Facebook, and social media institutions in general, arose. Again.We keep having... more