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Resources (2021 exams)21 March 2019

This page contains resources that support teaching and learning, and save you time. It's as simple as that. more

PowerPoint Introductions21 March 2019

The PowerPoint slides on this page are intended to support the teaching and learning of the English A: Language and Literature course (for first examinations in 2021). They can be used in supporting course... more

Course Outlines14 March 2019

How you design your course is so open and flexible that it becomes simultaneously freeing and constraining. The key is to find an approach that works for you and the people you collaborate with on a... more

Course construction14 March 2019

After reading the Language A: Language and Literature guide, you may ask yourself: 'Where do I begin?' These pages help you get started.First of all it is important to recognize your own strengths. Whether... more

Requirementsfree12 March 2019

A common question asked in Part 2 - Language and mass communication is: ‘To what extent does a medium, determine a particular message?’ Here we look at how the mass media use language to inform, persuade... more

Introducing Intertextualityfree7 March 2019

Intertextuality: connecting texts is one of three areas of exploration that provide a framework for the English A: Language and Literature course. Intertextuality is a complex and contested term. It was... more

You Can't Say That!6 March 2019

What words could you say in the 1970s or 1980s that you cannot use today? From that initial question, and delving into one specific word, the following set of lessons deal with how language changes and... more

Part 2 (2020 exams)6 March 2019

In Part 2: Language and mass communication, we focus on the way language is used in mass media, such as newspapers, magazines, the internet, radio or film.We consider how both the production... more

Sequence28 February 2019

There are a lot of factors to consider when putting a course together: assessment, holidays, timetables, course requirements and IB deadlines. Although this may seem overwhelming, you will find that if... more

Do your own thing14 February 2019

Maybe you just do your own thing! Mix and match what has been written about here. Do something else that hasn’t been suggested, but that you think is important. Connect to the local culture if you... more