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Comparative Commentaries to Go: Death at the Ball Game22 March 2018

Writing this, in March 2018, exams are again approaching for students in northern hemisphere IB schools, and students will need to practice for their final exams, and practice some more.Here is an addition... more

Poetry and Film 15 March 2018

At the 2018 Academy Awards, Kobe Bryant and Glen Keane won the Oscar for the Best Animated Short Film. It is a gorgeously animated movie, and one that students are bound to love too. There’s something... more

Why is the World so Peaceful?8 March 2018

Here is a question:Why is there so much peace in the world?You may think that the question is an unusual one, and you may even be mildly (or not so mildly) offended by it. After all, you may counter,... more

Is English going to the dogs? Part 226 February 2018

The following page continues from and extends the lesson activities in Is English going to the dogs? Part 1. In other words, it’s Part 2. Like the earlier page, the activities are intended to encourage... more

2016 P2 HL (The Bluest Eye and Ghosts - Exemplar 1)18 February 2018

Paper 2 sets high expectations for students. They must not only answer a specific question and demonstrate their knowledge of the texts through their answer, but they must also connect their response... more

#MeToo - Gender and Power (Part 3)15 February 2018

This is the third post dealing specifically with the #MeToo Movement. The first post, here, focuses on the words of the victims, giving them a voice. Salma Hayek and Rose McGowan, in an opinion editorial... more

Writing for a Reader: A Rewriting Activity8 February 2018

Here is a simple activity that can help your students write with greater brevity, and with sensitivity for genre and the intended reader.As teachers, we certainly want students, most frequently, to write... more

Post-Truth, Alternative Facts, and Fake News - Part 11 February 2018

How do IB Language and Literature teachers respond to fake news, alternative facts, and a supposedly post-truth landscape? We continue to do what we have always done: help students navigate the world... more

#MeToo - Gender and Power (Part 2)1 February 2018

#MeToo has been splashed over front page headlines, taken center stage at the Golden Globes, and been endlessly discussed and debated on Twitter. In 2017, Time magazine even named “The Silence Breakers”... more

Is English going to the dogs? Part 125 January 2018

We make lots of judgments about the ways in which people use English, don’t we? Isn’t it, one way or another, part of our job as English teachers to do this? We may suggest that we are well placed... more