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The IB Learner Profile: A Formative Assessment Taskfree29 September 2017

Here is a simple activity. It introduces students to the IB Learner Profile; it introduces students to teachers; and it provides a formative assessment opportunity for teachers to make a preliminary evaluation... more

Don't Eat That! The Language of Nutrition - Part 128 September 2017

Tom Brady, a famous quarterback for the New England Patriots (an American football team), has released a new book titled The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance. In it,... more

Euphemisms21 September 2017

How are people, at times, manipulated through language? Have you ever noticed how politicians can make something sound nicer that it really is? They do this by using euphemism. We don't tell people that... more

The Fake News Debate: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis16 September 2017

Other people with their differences may also be right. So the saying goes. Clichéd perhaps, this pithy proverb is a cornerstone of the IB mission. It is suggested that people, through time and space... more

Comparative Commentaries to Go: Nutrition and Exercise14 September 2017

Nutritional advice varies widely and there are such diverse views found online that understanding what is true or factual or even scientific is extremely difficult. In many respects, the science of nutrition... more

The Language of Migration14 September 2017

Current events offer Language and Literature teachers a wide variety of avenues in which to explore the course. In fact, you might even be able to construct Part 1 and Part 2 exclusively on current events,... more

Tipsfree7 September 2017

Although there is no one way to guarantee a 7 on the individual oral commentary, some of the following tips help to ease the nerves and keep focus on the purpose of the task. more

The Language of Donald Trump - Part 27 September 2017

In part one of the series, found here, you hopefully achieved the goal of having students understand the language and patterns found in Donald Trump’s language. In this second part series on the language... more

Artistic Expressions of Identity31 August 2017

This unit is designed to be completed in the first semester or term of a school year when you are just getting to know your new IB Language and Literature students. It introduces them to a few key ideas... more

WT SL (Gendered Advertising)17 August 2017

Law schools often force students to take an opposing position to the one they hold. They require students to understand the claims and arguments – the logic – of the opposing counsel so that they... more