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#MeToo - Gender and Power18 January 2018

In October of 2017, the New York Times and the New Yorker published damning reports about the atrocious behavior of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. Multiple women accused him of sexual assault and... more

Dystopian Fiction: A Cultural Combat Debate11 January 2018

The academic and expert on dystopian fiction, Gregory Claeys, claims that the dystopian genre emerges in the late 19th century as a response to Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward (1888). Bellamy’s... more

Media and Race - #OscarsSoWhite10 January 2018

If you like movies, there is a chance you also follow the Oscars. In 2016 in particular, there was significant controversy at the ceremony. In the four acting categories, all twenty nominees were white,... more

2017 Paper 1 (HL) - Wealth and Happiness (Part 3)4 January 2018

This exemplar is the third in the series based on the May 2017 Paper 1 examination. All three students compare and contrast Text C and D, based on a Japan Times editorial about happiness and a nonfiction... more

2015 Paper 1 (HL) Surveillance28 December 2017

The following Paper 1 is a response to the May 2015 (HL) examination, in which the student responds to two texts, a weblog post on, and song lyrics written by Jill Scott. The texts take... more

Generation Z: #memyselfieandi14 December 2017

We have arrived at Generation Z. It is this so-called iGeneration that we currently teach. For them, familiarity with the Internet and social media started from a young age. They grew up in the early... more

Bias13 December 2017

Bias refers to language that supports an ideological position, either explicitly or implicitly. When we see subjectivity in pieces of writing that should be objective, we can claim that they are biased.... more

2017 Paper 1 (HL) - Wealth and Happiness (Part 2)10 December 2017

The following exemplar is a student response to the May 2017 Higher Level Paper 1 examination. It compliments an earlier post about these texts with the goal of providing a range of student writing on... more

Travel and Nature Writing30 November 2017

Travel writing is not dead. Writers from the past such as Joseph Conrad, Evelyn Waugh and Claude Lévi-Strauss said it was. It was even suggested that travel itself was dead. Not true. It has been claimed... more

2017 Paper 1 (HL) - Wealth and Happiness30 November 2017

This Higher Level Paper 1 exemplar, from May 2017, is the first in a series of three posts. The comparative commentary is based on Text C and Text D from that exam year. While InThinking cannot publish... more