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Make a Change - Public Service Announcements21 September 2016

At the March 2015 EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Schools) conference, one of the presenters, Stevi Quate, talked about how to create units of study in middle and secondary English classes. more

WT1 HL S4 (Gender Stereotyping)21 September 2016

The following Written Task comes from Part 2 of the course titled Language and Mass Communication. It addresses the learning outcome "examine different forms of communication within the media" using the... more

Do You Speak Emoji?21 September 2016

Emoji! They are everywhere. Hardly a day goes by without our students communicating via this form. Because of their ubiquity, a larger question lingers for Language and Literature students: how is language... more

The Language of Donald Trump - Part 120 September 2016

The media storm surrounding Donald Trump has been enormous. He has stirred up a frenzy in the United States and beyond with his cavalier political campaign. What does all this have to do in an IB Language... more

WT1 HL S3 (Things Fall Apart)20 September 2016

The following Written Task is taken from Part 4. The student envisions a scene between Okonkwo and his father early in the novel Things Fall Apart. In fact, the student embeds the actual text from the... more

Just the Facts - Media and Ethics20 September 2016

In July of 2015, both Gawker and reddit made headlines about their ethical and journalistic code of conduct. If you are not familiar with either, Gawker is a blog about the entertainment and media industry... more

Comparative Commentaries to Go: Marriage20 September 2016

On June 26th, 2015 the United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in a 5-4 decision. While most commentary and media discussion was (rightly) focused on the decision itself, an opinion editorial... more

Using Technology to Support Student Learning20 September 2016

When having to prepare for and conduct upwards of twenty, thirty, forty or more Independent Oral Commentaries, the old educator adage that the teacher should not work harder than her students can feel... more

"Hey Dad, Can I Have Some Money?" (The Language of Charity) 20 September 2016

An outpouring of support often occurs after a major disaster strikes. There are disaster relief teams that provide on the ground assistance in trying to save lives. Sometimes governments coalesce and... more

A Wildly Successful Advertising Campaign20 September 2016

Many are familiar with Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” that began back in 2004. Although it is now known as the “Movement for Self-Esteem," it has the same key message: empower women to feel... more