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Representing the Other: How to Write About Africa15 May 2019

Understanding the reader’s response to a text requires students to fundamentally appreciate that they already have established and evolving preconceptions. They are not blank slates. This is a critical... more

Representing the World: Understanding Modality15 May 2019

There is a story. George Orwell, the famous writer, shot an elephant whilst serving in the Indian Imperial Police in Burma. This event forms the basis for Orwell's essay 'Shooting an Elephant'. Not everyone,... more

Patterns in Literature - Parallelism and Deviation14 May 2019

In an earlier scheme of work – see Literature: Challenging Perspectives – the essence of language art was the central concern. The focus of the activities foregrounded a debate between those who claim... more

Identities and the Power of Naming14 May 2019

The Language and Literature course can be constructed in a variety of ways. Eight examples of course construction can be found here. A successfully designed course is likely to show a good degree of cohesion... more

Individual Oral: Exemplar 1 (Mrs. Faust and "Money can buy you love") 14 May 2019

In this individual oral, the student has started with the global issue of “Culture, identity and community,” more specifically class and the way this impacts individuals. However, the individual... more

Literature: Challenging Perspectives14 May 2019

Texts offer a range of perspectives. These perspectives may or may not reflect those of its author, and writers bring their own perspectives on the texts they read. In the activities that follow, students... more

Paper 2: Sample Response 3 (Ghosts and The Bluest Eye)7 May 2019

This Paper 2 response is excellent in many regards. It addresses this question: How is “home” depicted in the two of the works you have studied and what is its significance? Notice that the question... more

Paper 2: Sample Response 2 (The Reader and The God of Small Things)7 May 2019

The following Paper 2 response has many strengths. It addresses this question: Looking closely at how weakness and strength are represented in the two works you have studied, discuss the significance... more

Paper 2: Sample Response 1 (Never Let Me Go and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close)7 May 2019

The following Paper 2 response is, in most regards, very good. It addresses this question: Some say ignorance is bliss. How is “not knowing” presented in the two works that you have studied and to... more

Paper 1: Sample Response 1 (How to Attract Women Without Even Trying)7 May 2019

This analysis responds thoroughly and effectively to the advertisement ‘How to attract women without even trying’. Arguably, the somewhat sexually explicit nature of the advertisement makes it a rather... more