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Marking Criteria for Classroom Use7 May 2019

Both teachers and their students need to be familiar with the marking criteria. It can be handy to have the marking criteria for each assessment component readily available and compressed in an easily... more

P2 sample work2 May 2019

On this page, you will find Paper 2 sample responses. Use these to help students recognize the qualities required to write outstanding comparative literary essays. more

Outlinesfree30 April 2019

There is no single correct way to write Paper 2. However there are several good ways to structure the essay. Before you begin to write your essay, take 10-15 minutes to outline the main ideas. This is... more

Learner Portfolio25 April 2019

The learner portfolio is a wonderful opportunity for your students to chart their growth and their learning over the two year Language and Literature course. It is meant to act as a tool to aid in their... more

Formatting the Learner Portfolio25 April 2019

There are many ways to format the learner portfolio and you will find there is no single right way. Instead, InThinking is suggesting a wide variety of options, from analog to digital to a combination... more

Explaining the Learner Portfolio to Students25 April 2019

Some students struggle with IB requirements - and having a learner portfolio is a must for all students. Those struggles can sometimes be alleviated when students understand the purpose behind the concept. more

Tipsfree25 April 2019

Like everything in this course, further oral activities require skills that can be developed and perfected with time and practice. There are a few tips and tricks that you can find here to help you approach... more

The Crucible23 April 2019

Arthur Miller's play The Crucible offers particularly interesting opportunities as a Part 3 work. Miller based his play quite closely on historical documents from the Salem Witch Trials, which took place... more

Multivocality and International Mindedness18 April 2019

The Language and Literature course is all about texts and their meanings. A fundamental understanding – arguably the main understanding – of the course is that students come to appreciate that the... more

Teaching resources18 April 2019

Here, you can find teaching resources for the Area of Exploration, Time and Space. more