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Characterisation: A Values Profile14 November 2013

Everyone who reads will have favourite characters, memorable figures such as Jay Gatsby, Othello, Miss Havisham, Harry ‘Rabbit’ Angstrom, and Elizabeth Bennett, who populate works of literary fiction... more

Requirementsfree6 November 2013

Part 3 - Literature: texts and contexts focuses on how context influences both the composition and the interpretation of literary texts. Here are several requirements to keep in mind when planning or... more

Teaching Textual Analysis with Textbooks31 October 2013

Review: Voice Lessons: Classroom Activities to Teach Diction, Detail, Imagery, Syntax and Tone (2000) by Nancy Dean and This Means This This Means That: A User’s Guide to Semiotics (2007) by Sean... more

Counsellors and connoisseurs29 October 2013

Try this exercise as a way to build students’ confidence in their ability to understand and analyze a writer’s style, and as a means of developing student skills of oral expression. The study of... more

Thomas Hardy's poetic style debate14 October 2013

Although students do not submit a part 3 or part 4 focused Further Oral Activity for final assessment, this does not mean that debate and discussion skills cannot be used to explore the literary works.... more

Works13 October 2013

Part 4 of the course - Literature – critical study - requires students to ‘explore literary works in detail’, analyzing ‘elements such as theme and … ethical stance or moral values’, while... more

The course building balloon debate12 October 2013

Debate skills are commonly agreed to be a key ingredient for career success in any area of endeavor, and debate is a collaborative activity encouraged across the IB curriculum. This teaching idea introduces... more

Language and belief7 October 2013

One of the suggested topics from the Language A: Language and Literature guide is 'language and belief'. People use language to express their beliefs and persuade others to believe their convictions.... more

Criteriafree3 October 2013

Before you conduct a further oral activity, you should become familiar with the corresponding assessment criteria. You can become familiar with the criteria through self-assessment, peer assessment... more

P2 HL (The Bell Jar and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)28 September 2013

Straight off, you are about to read a great essay. The student responds to question 5 - Context – ‘historical, cultural, or social – can have an influence on the way literary works are written... more