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Black and white23 September 2013

When writers write they have a target audience in mind. The language used by the writer appeals to a certain community or social group. How does the language of a text define its target audience? more

Characters and context23 September 2013

This lesson shows how you can compare the characters from a novel to the real-life people from an author's life. Below you find a passage from The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, which is an excellent... more

Sample course outline20 September 2013

The following course outline was developed by a teacher working together with a class of students. It was originally developed for an A2 group (A2 being the course from which the current Language A:... more

Language, Gender, and Power19 September 2013

Each of us is enculturated. This is a lifelong process in which our identities are formed. Through enculturation, we learn many things. Not least, perhaps, we learn gendered identities of what it is... more

Build the course13 September 2013

When engaging in any cognitive exercise, people experience better results if they have a sense of autonomy. As a step in raising student autonomy in your language and literature classroom, try this lesson... more

WT SL (Digging)5 September 2013

The following Written Task is published in memory of Seamus Heaney. This week, whilst reading Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, I noticed the character of Joe Keller, described in the stage directions... more

Vote Different!3 September 2013

The language of persuasion can be very subtle. Often times, voters are persuaded by ads that attack an opponent, called smear campaigns or attack ads. They are not always produced directly by the political... more

Marxism, feminism & Freud3 September 2013

Part of understanding the context of interpretation is realizing that readers come to the table with their own agenda. In other words, people look to literature to prove their theories on how the world... more

Sex in ads3 September 2013

In the fashion world, the depiction of sex is often used to sell products. One could argue that 'sex' is a stylistic device commonly found in print ads. It is the language of persuasion. However, ads... more

Planning: where classroom and curriculum meet3 September 2013

When a teacher sits down to plan a course of lessons, they become the instrument through which the classroom and the curriculum meet. Regardless of the intentions of the curriculum designers, it... more