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Endangered Languages and Language Death28 May 2013

The following ten texts are themed around the issue of endangered languages and language death. There are a range of text types. The texts are considered to be of appropriate difficulty for students... more

Multivocality 14 May 2013

The Language and Literature course is all about texts and their meanings. A fundamental understanding – arguably the main understanding – of the course is that students come to appreciate that... more

Multivocal14 May 2013

Multivocal literally means 'many-voiced'. The term can be usefully employed when discussing the nature of texts and their meanings. Multivocality suggests that meaning is not fixed 'in' a text in any... more

Language of warfree12 May 2013

In our studies of language in a cultural context, we can explore the culture of war. Just as every industry has its jargon, every region has its accent and every social group has its slang, so too does... more

Topicsfree6 May 2013

The IB has stipulated several suggested topics for Part 1. You may want to cover a few of them in depth or more of them in passing. When studying a particular topic, it is important that we have many... more

P1 SL (The Language of African Literature)29 April 2013

The following Paper 1 sample was written in response to an extract from ‘The Language of African Literature’ by Ngũgĩ Wa Thiong’o. It is a well-known essay; a search of Google reveals in excess... more

Accent25 April 2013

'Accent' refers to the pronunciation of a language. The word accent is often confused with dialect, which refers to more than a variation of pronunciation. Dialect refers to a unique variety of vocabulary,... more

Modalityfree22 April 2013

Modality is the linguistics of judgement. It is the the way in which writers express attitudes towards their subject matter. and towards their addresses. Modality has a range of functions in language,... more

Understanding Modalityfree22 April 2013

There is a story. George Orwell, the famous writer, shot an elephant whilst serving in the Indian Imperial Police in Burma. This event forms the basis for Orwell's essay 'Shooting an Elephant'. Not everyone,... more

Cool Hunting: Introducing Further Oral Activities and Understanding Texts17 April 2013

Here is a Further Oral Activity (FOA) that works well early in a Language and Literature course. The activity is informed by all of the Part 2 Learning Outcomes. The FOA follows from watching and discussing... more