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Short story12 March 2013

The following text, 'Sitting' by H.E. Francis, is presented here as a starting point for understanding fiction. While this short story contains many of the common elements of fiction, it also has a few... more

Letter to the editor25 February 2013

Many students like to write letters to the editor for written task 1. As a text type it offers a broad range of possibilities, as people write such letters in response to articles, opinion columns, print... more

P1 HL S4 (hybrids)free14 February 2013

This specimen paper offers an indication of the types of texts that could be expected on a higher level Paper 1. Although this specimen is not authorized by the IB, the texts have been selected in the... more

Written tasksfree8 February 2013

Throughout this course, you will build a portfolio of written tasks. There are two types of written tasks, known as written task 1 (WT1) and written task 2 (WT2). These are very different in nature. more

Analyzing tone2 February 2013

Writers communicate a message to us through a particular tone. Tone is the choice of vocabulary, syntax and verb tense, all of which place the reader in a particular mood. As we analyze the language... more

WT1 HL S2 (Collector)17 January 2013

The following written task was written for Part 3. It takes its inspiration from The Collector, a novel by John Fowles, written in 1963. You do not need to read this novel in order to understand the... more

Secondary sources14 January 2013

What distinguishes a very good written task 2 from a mediocre one? Besides answering the expectations of the prescribed question, good WT2s cite both primary and secondary sources. In other words they... more

Target audience14 December 2012

'For whom is the text intended?' This question will sound familiar to any language and literature teacher or student. Throughout many forms of assessment, students are expected to comment on how effectively... more

Guerrilla ads13 December 2012

In our efforts to "examine different forms of communication within the media" (first learning outcome from Part 2), we deserve to look at an entire range of advertisements. There are many different kinds... more

Black English & Disneyfree13 December 2012

Black English, or African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) is one of the more debated and politically charged linguistic realities related to language, communities and social relations. But what is... more