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Euphemism6 March 2012

'Euphemism' is a word or phrase that makes something sound better than it actually is. Euphemisms can be found in political speeches, advertsing campaigns or everyday conversation. For example, instead... more

Equivocationfree6 March 2012

Equivocation is when a word is used in two different senses in an argument. Take for example the following syllogism: A hamburger is better than nothing Nothing is better than good health Therefore... more

Direct speechfree6 March 2012

There are several ways to tell a story. Writers can choose to let the characters do all of the talking or they can summarize what their characters say for the reader. The first case is known as direct... more

Direct narration6 March 2012

Sometimes in works of fiction, the narrator seems to tell the reader what to think. Interpretations of the events and characters are made for the reader. Take for example this passage from Emma by Jane... more

Dialect6 March 2012

A dialect is a unique and distinguishable combination of vocabulary, pronunciation and syntax. Technically speaking from a linguistic perspective, the only difference between a language and a dialect... more

Crowdsourcing6 March 2012

In a 2006 Wired Magazine article, Jeffo Howe defined 'crowdsourcing' the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated employee and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group... more

Connotation6 March 2012

A word's connotation is the aura of emotion that is associated with the word through personal experience. It is the opposite of 'denotation', which is what a word literally stands for. For example, the... more

Conflict in advertising6 March 2012

Including a conflict situation in an ad helps sell a product or an idea. This advertising technique relies on the audience's interest in seeing the conflict resolved. If you think about how children... more

Coherence6 March 2012

Coherence describes the sytematic connection of ideas in a written piece. Coherence is achieved through the use of linking words and the integration of illustrations. Coherence is what helps an idea... more

Bandwagon effect6 March 2012

The bandwagon effect is a propaganda technique that suggests one should do something because everyone else is doing it. It is an argumentation fallacy, because something does not have to be true if everyone... more