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Pathos16 March 2012

When speakers appeal to one's sense of emotion, they are using pathos. 'Why should I care about what you have to say?' This is the kind of question on an audience's mind when listening to a speech or... more

PLT16 March 2012

The Prescribed Literature in Translation (PLT) is an official list of literature published by the IB on the Online Curriculum Centre (OCC). For the English A: Language and Literature course, both Standard... more

PLA16 March 2012

The Prescribed List of Authors, also known as PLA, is a document published on the Online Curriculum Centre (OCC). It contains the names of authors (not the titles of works) in categories of genre. Teachers... more

Notifications16 March 2012

While the concept of notifications may seem simple, it is very important in our efforts to understand the type of text known as 'website'. In traditional media, if you want to find out something, such... more

Newsworthiness16 March 2012

What makes a story newsworthy? Every editor-in-chief has a different opinion on this matter. Generally speaking however, there seem to be three reasons why a story is deemed 'newsworthy'. Although they... more

Metonymy16 March 2012

Metonymy is the act of referring to a concept not by its name, but by something intimately associated with it. For example when journalists refer to "Washington's response," they mean the political... more

Metaphor16 March 2012

Metaphor is the comparison of two concepts through language, often done by using the verb 'to be'. Metaphor is often seen as a literary device used by poets. Metaphors, however, can be found in every... more

Mash up16 March 2012

Mash ups are online texts, usually short films, that copy content from an original source and alter it to some extent to give it new meaning. These are texts that borrow from and build on other texts.... more

Pay-per-click16 March 2012

Many websites allow 'sponsors' or advertisers to place ads on their website as a means of generating revenue. Advertisements are often related to the content of the websites which host them, as search... more

Long tail marketing16 March 2012

As the Internet brings people together through social networking and large databases (super crunching), smaller, niche markets are being targeted more effectively by advertisers. These niche markets... more