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Allusion6 March 2012

An allusion is a form of figurative language in which reference is made to text, event, person or place. By alluding to one of these, the writer relies on the reader's contextual knowledge and makes... more

Alliteration6 March 2012

Alliteration is the repetition of sound at the beginning of several words. For example, 'strive, strife and style' all begin with the 'st' sound. This cartoon also shows an example of alliteration where... more

Using the criteriafree6 March 2012

It is good practice to use the assessment criteria regularly in class. Students should have quick and easy handouts of the criteria that can be used at any given moment. Even though a form of assessment,... more

TOK/EEfree6 March 2012

We recommend that all teachers read the TOK and Extended Essay guides on the OCC, so that we understand the responsibilities that go along with integrating these into the English A: Language and Literature... more

Self-taught language6 March 2012

Language A: Language and Literatue is not available as a 'self-taught language'. A student can take the Langauge A: Literature course as a self-taught language, meaning that the school administers the... more

Reading lists6 March 2012

One of the aims of the English A: Language and Literature course is to instill an appreciation of various cultures and texts. How do we foster a culture where we want to read, learn about cultures and... more

Language & culture6 March 2012

At the heart of the course are the words 'language' and 'culture'. As common as these words may be, it helps to know what we mean by them. Here are answers to two fundamental questions for the Language... more

Differentiation6 March 2012

Students are all different. Not all work at the same academic level. Not all work at the same pace. Like many IB subjects, it is possible to take English A: Language and Literature at either Higher (HL)... more

Course offeringfree6 March 2012

Schools want to accommodate for students' needs and interests by offering courses that prepare them for further education or employment. What reasons should schools consider for offering English A: Language... more

FAQ'sfree6 March 2012

There are a range of questions that are commonly asked at IB Language A: Language and Literature workshops. These questions often relate to student placement, assessment criteria, differentiation and... more