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Anti-tech terms17 February 2012

Language can reflect changes in the way people relate to their world. The rise and development of technology in our lives has led to a whole new set of words to describe the way we use technology and... more

Pikey English17 February 2012

How do we exert power by speaking differently? People can often include or exclude others by the way they speak. Word choice, speed, syntax and accent all play a role in how we exert power through language. more

Community of practice17 February 2012

A 'community of practice' is defined as a group of people who develop and share ways of doing things, ways of talking, beliefs and values - which can be called 'practices'. A community of practice can... more

Key concepts17 February 2012

There are many teaching and learning strategies. The nature of Part 1 determines to some extent what kinds of activities you will do in the classroom. For example, because Part 1 is assessed through... more

Proverbs and common sense16 February 2012

People may not be able to agree on a God, the meaning of life or whether there is an afterlife, but we tend to believe in something called 'common sense'. We tend to agree that we should put on undergarments... more

Sequencefree16 February 2012

There are a lot of factors to consider when putting a course together: assessment, holidays, timetables, course requirements and IB deadlines. Although this may seem overwhelming, you will find that... more

Approaching texts16 February 2012

Since textual analysis is at the heart of this course, we need to ask ourselves: 'How does one approach a text?' Is there, for example, a right or wrong interpretation of a text? Should we look at texts... more

Selecting textsfree16 February 2012

For this course you will want to become a connoisseur of texts, meaning that you will want to collect, compile and study a range of text types in hopes of appreciating their qualities. Assembling a reader... more

Gender & sexualityfree16 February 2012

This topic asks us to become more aware of language as an expression of gender identities. When we talk about gender in reference to language, we are referring to the way language embodies, reinforces... more

Research questionsfree16 February 2012

Much depends on a good research question, when writing an extended essay. One will want a question that gets good mileage and will carry through to 4,000 words. Good questions have a careful balance... more