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Advertising techniquesfree24 February 2012

We live in a world of visual stimulation. In the car, on the metro, or strolling through town, we absorb the invitations to look, buy, do, react, often unconsciously. Because we are so accustomed to... more

Key conceptsfree24 February 2012

There are many strategies that will prove useful in your studies of Part 2. For example, you will want to hold regular classroom discussions in order to prepare for the further oral activities. You... more

Beauty of Photoshop23 February 2012

How is our definition of 'beauty' defined by the media? One editing tool commonly used by advertisers is Adobe Photoshop. In fact, people use the verb 'to photoshop' in every day speech, meaning to retouch... more

Twitter23 February 2012

What is Twitter? How does it, as an institution in today's vast media landscape, influence people? These are broad questions that we can aim to answer by analyzing tweets. In this lesson we aim to... more

Just say no!23 February 2012

As we explore the topic of 'language and the state', we come across informative and persuasive language. It is often in the interest of the state to prevent citizens from committing crime, starting forest... more

MTV Switch campaignfree23 February 2012

In this lesson you will study the MTV 'Switch' campaign, which spreads awareness about climate change. The guiding question is: 'How does MTV use different devices to persuade viewers to care about global... more

Girls run the world23 February 2012

Music videos are interesting texts to analyze, as they convey messages through moving image, music and text (song lyrics). Music videos are seen by a wide audience of young individuals over the entire... more

The Big 523 February 2012

At the heart of the English Language and Literature course is textual analysis. In order to prepare for Paper 1 and the individual oral commentary, you will want to learn how to analyze various texts.... more

Powerful womenfree23 February 2012

What do you associate with powerful women? How are these associations based on stereotypes that have been generated by the media. How do the media generate these stereotypes? These are the kinds of questions... more

Single mothers23 February 2012

Bias can be very subtle, and subtle bias can be more dangerous than overt prejudice. In February 2012, an article appeared in the New York Times on the growing numbers of single-parent families, with... more