Course offering

Schools want to accommodate for students' needs and interests by offering courses that prepare them for further education or employment. What reasons should schools consider for offering English A: Language and Literature? We address several aspects of this question in the following set of frequently asked questions.

If we can only offer one course in Group 1, should we offer Language and Literature or Literature?

Many schools do not have enough students to offer both English A: Language and Literature and English A: Literature. Although it is a difficult choice to make, the argument can be made that the Language A: Language and Literature course is more suitable for more students, because it is broader in scope. The amount of students who go on to study literature at university is smaller than the amount of students who study communications related programs, such as marketing, political science, law, film or media studies. Besides the argument for higher education, students will come away from the English A: Language and Literature course with a greater appreciation of non-literary texts. This appreciation and the critical literacy skills that accompany it, are useful for everyday life and communication.

How do colleges and universities look at the Language A: Language and Literature course?

The IB has made a great effort to communicate the aims of the Language A: Language and Literature course to colleges and universities. They have assured universities that this course is as rigorous as the Language A1 course once was and the Language A: Literature course is. Many colleges and universities have reviewed the Language A: Language and Literature guide quite favorably. Naturally, every institution is different in its requirements, but on the whole universities have recognized the status of Language A: Language and Literature.

What if students want to take two Group 1 languages? Which should they take?

The timetable may dictate the answer to this question. However, if students are given the opportunity to choose both a Language and Literature class AND a Literature class, this is the most recommended combination. This way students are exposed to the benefits of both courses.  Two Language A: Literature  courses would mean a very long reading list for these students. Remember that students who take two Group 1 courses can receive the bilingual diploma.

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