We recommend that all teachers read the TOK and Extended Essay guides on the OCC, so that we understand the responsibilities that go along with integrating these into the English A: Language and Literature course. We will take the TOK and Extended Essay questions separately here.

How do I integrate TOK into the English A: Language and Literature course?

There are many activities that students can do in the English A: Language and Literature classroom that cover epistemological questions. For example, every time you look at persuasive texts, students can try to make syllogisms, i.e. strings of logic that involve more than one premise and a conclusion. Similarly, propaganda techniques are very much linked to argumentation fallacies. Critical literacy skills include separating the connotation from the denotation of particular vocabulary. Bias, newsworthiness and trial by media are all concepts that can be dealt with in Part 2. In the literary parts of the course, students should be encouraged to ask questions such as: ‘What is art?’ or ‘How do I find meaning in texts?’

See the TOK pages of this Subject Site to gain a better understanding of TOK integration

What is the role of the Extended Essay in the English A: Language and Literature course?

Starting a series of lessons with a set of large, guiding questions is often a good way to explore texts and stimulate discussion. For example, a series of lessons on the Internet may include a question such as: “How are some websites impacting various cultures and changing the ways people interact?” While you may touch on several websites during class activities, a student may want to explore some of these or others with more depth. These are the kinds of opportunities that lead to good Extended Essay writing.

For more ideas and examples, see the Extended Essay pages of this Subject Site

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