IB Core

  • The English A: Language and Literature course is part of the holistic IB learning explerience.
  • The Extended Essay requirement provides students with the opportunity to write a 3,000 - 4,000 words on a topic of interest from one of their subject areas. See this section for samples and tips on how to integrated this into the language and literature course.
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK) asks interdisciplinary questions on how we acquire knowledge. 'How do you know what you know?' There are many applications of this question to the Language and Literature course.

Selected Pages


Theory of Knowledge (TOK) 14 July 2019

As we study a wide range of texts, we are likely to consider many critical questions that relate to the nature of knowledge,...

Thinking Critically About Concepts, Timelessness, and Universality 5 March 2020

To claim that anything is universal and timeless is a pretty bold claim. It is, nonetheless, a frequently heard claim (we...

Solar: Getting things wrong and the power of stories 17 October 2019

This page has two focuses: (i) The power and importance of stories in human social life and (ii) the observation that we...

Is English going to the dogs? Part 2 14 July 2019

The following page continues from and extends the lesson activities in Is English going to the dogs? Part 1. In other words,...

Is English going to the dogs? Part 1 14 July 2019

We make lots of judgments about the ways in which people use English, don’t we? Isn’t it, one way or another, part of...

Belief: Why Myths Matter 14 July 2019

The highly regarded, prize winning writer, Andrew O’Hagan is only a few months older than me. He was born in the same...

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