Part 2

  • In Part 2: Language and mass communication, we focus on the way language is used in mass media, such as newspapers, magazines, the internet, radio or film.
  • We consider how both the production and reception of texts is shaped by its medium of delivery.
  • This section includes an overview of the basic requirements for Part 2

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Topics Friday 18 July 2014

The IB has stipulated several suggested topics for Part 2, which you can find on pages 19-20 of the Language A: Language...


Requirements Friday 8 February 2013

A common question asked in Part 2 - Language and mass communication is: ‘To what extent does a medium, determine a...


Advertising techniques Friday 24 February 2012

We live in a world of visual stimulation. In the car, on the metro, or strolling through town, we absorb the invitations...


Key concepts Friday 24 February 2012

There are many strategies that will prove useful in your studies of Part 2. For example, you will want to hold regular...


Outcomes Thursday 23 February 2012

Below are the three learning outcomes that one should aim to meet while studying Part 2 of the English A: Language and...

Guerrilla ads Thursday 13 December 2012

In our efforts to "examine different forms of communication within the media" (first learning outcome from Part 2), we...

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Comments 2

MT Vrehas 9 February 2017 - 14:46

Hi! What are passing scores for the FOAs and IOCs? I understand they're out of thirty marks. What is the lowest score I can give a student to still get full credit from IB?

Tim Pruzinsky 9 February 2017 - 23:33

Hi MT,

It doesn't technically work that way. All their scores, from the internal assessment to the WTs and P1 and P2 are added up. If a student gets a certain amount of total points (in May 2016 it was 42 total points for HL and 40 for SL to get the lowest possible overall IB 4). The IB publishes these on the OCC under "Subject Reports."

But even that must come with several disclaimers. Are they full DP students? As long as they get 24 overall points and 12 points at HL with no 2s in any subject, they get their IB Diploma. It becomes a bit complicated, in other words. Students can tank one assessment, ace another, and still come out okay.


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