The course (2021 exams)

Welcome to the IB Language A: language and literature course!  This page gives you an overview of everything you can find on the site about the basics of teaching and designing the course.  You can find information about the areas of exploration, concepts, assessment,  additional resources, and the IB Core by clicking on the relevant links.   

1. Creating student accounts

2. Requirements

3. Learner Portfolio

4. Course construction

5. Principles of course design

6. Types of units

7. Bodies of work

8. Authentic assessment

Selected Pages


Creating student accounts 3 April 2019

Allowing students to access to InThinkingMany of the pages on this site are accessible to students. The information below...

Bodies of work 26 June 2019

This page was updated on June 26th, 2019. It will be updated again when we have more information and guidance from the...

Principles of course design 26 June 2019

There are four guiding principles the IB wants you to think about when designing your course: variety, integration, autonomy,...

Requirements 25 June 2019

While there is much freedom in the teaching of the IB Language A: Language and literature course, it’s not a free for...

Learner Portfolio 25 April 2019

The learner portfolio is a wonderful opportunity for your students to chart their growth and their learning over the two...

Course construction 14 March 2019

After reading the Language A: Language and Literature guide, you may ask yourself: 'Where do I begin?' These pages help...

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