Part 3 - Literature: texts and contexts focuses on how context influences both the composition and the interpretation of literary texts. Here are several requirements to keep in mind when planning or studying Part 3 of the English A: language and literature course. 


Given the small number of texts, and the fact that 25% of the final IB grade is based on the way these texts are used in one essay question, we can assume that a significant amount of dedicated time and a detailed and varied approach to the texts are expected. Calendar suggestions are provided under the sequence section of the site. It makes sense to present these texts towards the end of the second year of study, as they will be the material that students will refer to on the Paper 2 part of the final exam. Another option may be to present one of the three texts during the first year, and to review it during the second half of the second year. In this case, the review of the first text, and comparisons between texts, would be planned into the study of the second and third texts from the outset. 

Standard Level Two literary texts:

One from the Prescribed Literature in Translation list (PLT),

One from the Prescribed book list (PLA) for the language studied or chosen freely, originally written in English.


Higher Level Three literary texts:


One from the PLT,

One from the PLA for the language studied,

One chosen freely, which may be in translation.



The following hours of tuition should be spent on Part 3 and preparation for its corresponding forms of assessment

 40 hours

 70 hours


The Paper 2 exam is an essay on one of six unseen questions. Students answer one of the questions with reference to at least two of the Part 3 literary works that were studied in class. Students receive 1.5 hours at SL and 2 hours at HL to write their essay. This form of assessment is also externally assessed for 25% of the final mark. 

At SL students must also write at least one written task based on a literary work from either Parts 3 or 4. At HL students must write at least one written task based on a literary work from Part 3 and also one based on a work from Part 4.

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