• In these pages you can find all you need to know about assessment for the English A: Language and Literature course.
  • For each form of assessment, the basic requirements have been outlined in detail. 
  • Useful tips on how to approach each form of assessment have also been included. 
  • A bank of sample responses, specimen papers and recordings of internal assessment are provided. 
  • Prepare for exams by applying the assessment criteria to the sample responses.
  • Many lessons can be found in this section to help develop the necessary skills for each form of assessment.

Selected Pages

Individual Oral: Exemplar 4 (Macbeth and WW1 Propaganda Poster) 26 November 2020

In the fall of 2020, as my students went about preparing for their Individual Oral, I decided to do one myself. I had...

Resources 21 October 2020

The Individual Oral is a difficult assessment. The resources under this page are designed to help you and your students...

Paper 1 10 October 2019

Paper 1 includes two unseen non-literary texts or text extracts. SL students write a guided textual analysis about one of...

The Individual Oral: Exemplar 3 (The Great Gatsby and Generation Wealth) 22 August 2019

This is out third Individual Oral exemplar. The first can be found here, and the second can be found here. On an earlier...

Individual Oral: Exemplar 2 (Salome and Pulp Fiction) 15 August 2019

This individual oral exemplar is excellent for us teachers. Here’s why. The student has done some questionable things....

Global issues 31 July 2019

The IB has defined global issues in the following manner: (a) they have significance on a wide/large scale; (b) they are...

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