Paper 1: Specimen Paper (Slavery Today)

One of the things we aim to do at InThinking is to make the lives of teachers a little easier. One of the ways in which we do this is to provide a wide range of samples for teachers to use in their classroom practice. As the course changes to the new guide for first examinations in 2021, we intend to maintain both the quality and quantity of our resources. On this page, you can find a sample response to the Paper 1 specimen paper in which students are asked to write about an extract from the website As with IB materials generally, we cannot reproduce the paper here for copyright reasons. A few things you may note, however: Students should be prepared for any of the text types listed on page 24 of the IB's study guide. This said, it is interesting that one of the texts the IB have chosen for this sample is an appeal. A number of examinations (for the course ending in 2020) have included appeals, and many more examination texts have had the central function of persuasion. Also, the appeal is from an online source; again this is commonplace in many examinations to date. Students, clearly, must be familiar with the literacy practices associated with hypertexts. Finally, this text about modern slavery focuses very obviously on a global issue of concern. It would be foolish to be too speculative, but it may be that, in promoting international mindedness, Paper 1 examination writers will look for texts with an obvious focus on global issues, and many are likely to be sourced from the Internet.  

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