The Individual Oral: Exemplar 3 (The Great Gatsby and Generation Wealth)

This is out third Individual Oral exemplar. The first can be found here, and the second can be found here. On an earlier page - see here - we provided lesson ideas for teaching the global issue of inequality. We then shifted focus to briefly consider how this global issue is represented, in content and form, in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby (literary work) and Lauren Greenfield's Generation Wealth (non-literary text). Before continuing on this page, it is useful to revisit the earlier page. Here - on this page - we move on from a concern for the global issue to the assessment task of the Individual Oral (IO).

We envisage that the current page will be used by two main groups - teachers and students. Some of the materials and tasks are written with teachers in mind. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to present the same materials and tasks to students. Both groups - teachers and students - are obviously interested in preparing and delivering the best possible Individual Oral (IO). 

This Individual Oral stops at just after the ten-minute mark. We have included the student's bullet pointed outline, but there are no follow-up questions from the teacher. This provides opportunities to consider the strengths and limitations of the outline and IO, and it gives teachers (in particular) and students the opportunity to consider what questions they would ask in the remaining five minutes of the IO. A very able former student delivered this IO, and we would like to acknowledge her excellent work. Following some initial tutoring, she spent considerable time preparing and practicing her oral. Student's should, of course, prepare and practice for this activity. Much is at stake, and much can be pre-prepared and rehearsed. 

Literary work and non-fiction text used

Questions for consideration

  • Does the student make a good choice of works/extracts? Why/why not?
  • Consider the extract from The Great Gatsby. Would the student benefit from using a shorter extract? Why/why not?

Sample Individual Oral outline

Assessing the Individual Oral Outline

The IO outline is not, in any formal sense, assessed. However, here, we would like you to provide some feedback on the outline. What qualities does it have? What could be improved? Use the handout/grid (below) to record your thoughts.

Sample Individual Oral

Responding to the Individual Oral

What qualities does the IO have? What are its limitations? What does the student omit to say? What does the student need to clarify? What marks would you give the IO? Record your thoughts in the handout/grid (below) and consider what follow-up questions you would ask this student.

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