2019 Paper 1 (HL) - Running

With less than a year to go for the “old” course (for May exams), InThinking has decided to continue to support these students with a final set of Paper 1 exemplars (two more Standard Level exemplars will be published in the months to come).  While there is a lot on the site for Paper 1, it’s always helpful for our students to see the most recent exam and a student exemplar. 

In this particular case, the exam focuses on the runner Justin Gatlin and his 100-meter gold medal win in the 2017 Track and Field World Championships.  Both are articles written for British newspapers – The Guardian and The Sun – although they are very different in how the cover the event itself.  Because of copyright, we cannot publish the exam, but both texts, albeit in slightly different versions, can be found online here and here.    

This is a great examination as so many of us tackle bias in the news with our classes.  Students should have felt completely prepared for this examination and it offers them a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. 

Sample Student Response

Teacher's Comments

Criterion A - Understanding of the text - 5 marks

The analysis of the text should show an understanding of the text's purpose, its context (where this can be deduced) and a target audience.  One's analysis of the text needs to be supported by relevant examples from the text.

4 out of 5: A very good response which deals well with both texts well.  It does not fully cover the images, layout, structure and more and so while it is a very good response, it's not yet excellent.  Even with these omissions, it is clearly better than "adequate" and the student must be awarded for what they did do here.  

Criterion B - Understanding of the use and effects of stylistic features- 5 marks

The analysis of the text must show an awareness of how stylistic features, such as tone, style and structure, are used to construct meaning. A good analysis comments on effects of these features on its target audience.

4 out of 5: While there are some excellent points on language and its effect on representation, there could have been more said about the layout and image choices in both texts.  There just isn't enough here to go beyond "good." 

Criterion C - Organization and development - 5 marks

The analysis must contain coherent arguments that are well-developed. The analysis must be organized effectively.

5 out of 5: The comparative commentary is effectively organized and the points are thoroughly developed in a balanced manner. 

Criterion D - Language - 5 marks

The language of the analysis must be clear, varied and accurate.  The register of the analysis must be appropriate, meaning it contains formal sentence structure, good choice of words and effective terminology.

5 out of 5: Language use is excellent.  While it is not perfect, the language is very clear and carefully chosen. 

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