Annotating an Individual Oral (Brave New World and Sara Rahbar)

Recently (writing in September 2021), we published an excellent Individual Oral (IO), scoring 36 out of 40 possible points. That oral is available to subscribing teachers here. In addition, we have published, for teachers and students, a range of classroom activities around this IO. These materials are available here. This week, on this page, we are publishing a simple, but effective activity that gives you the opportunity to annotate a transcript of the IO. This may be a useful activity for you, in particular if you are relatively new to teaching the programme. And, it will certainly be useful for students in preparing for their own IO. It is important that both you and students can understand what is likely to constitute an excellent IO, and the characteristics that tend to be a feature of good quality work. The activity is simple: Annotate (i.e. comment on) the transcript, identify, and generalise the qualites that are features of good practice. As a teacher, you may wish to organise your classroom so that students assume more discrete roles, perhaps annotating for particular critera or specific qualities of the oral. We have provided our own annotated transcript which aims to identify those features of this IO that students should aim to emulate. We have also commented on the teacher's contribution in the 5-minute question and answer section of the oral.

Transcript Without Annotation/Comment (in Word)

Transcript With Annotation/Comment

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