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I've been teaching IB English Language and Lit for a couple of years now and David and Tim's site has always been an invaluable resource. Whether you're planning a curriculum, tackling coursework or preparing for assessment, InThinking is a one stop shop that covers all the angles. The range of quality lesson resources and the active comment threads are exemplary.

Shane, IB Teacher, Thailand

This website is invaluable, especially for a first time teacher of this course. It is clearly laid out and provides interesting lessons for the various parts of the course as well as examples of students' work for peer assessment. Thank you InThinking!

Tiffany Diamond, Berlin Cosmopolitan School, Germany

The InThinking website has, in a nutshell, changed my life! The resources are incredibly helpful, but also knowing that there is actually someone there at the end of a mail to answer course specifics is incredibly reassuring, especially for a school which is just starting out on its IB career. Thank you!

Fiona MacLeod, ebica international, France

The site is outstanding. We've based the majority of our IB Lang/Lit programme on the materials and recommendations on this site, and consequently teach with real confidence knowing that we're in line with a community of colleagues/departments teaching the IB Lang/Lit around the world. Any comments or questions to the site have been answer in excellent time and with humour, understanding and intelligence. Keep up the good work!

Dougal Fergusson, Asociacion Educacional Williamson Newton College, Peru

An invaluable asset to the IB Diploma English Lang and Lit course with some excellent resources and advice.

David Allen, Taihu International School, China

Very concise with updated guidelines, this site is a real pillar for IB teaching.

Roopa Gosain, Chinmaya International Residential School, India

Great resource site for teachers searching for ideas to set up or refresh their IB course. Its structure makes the site very accessible and easy to use, providing both theoretical knowledge and practical assignments to do in class. Highly recommended.

Annelet Lykles, Hermann Wesselink College, Netherlands

This web-site is invaluable. It is always my first port of call to clarify and add some "meat" to the bare bones of the subject guide. I have used many of the activities and suggestions successfully. The resource section is constantly being added to and the materials are usually stimulating and appropriate. The site authors are quick to respond to questions. I would recommend all Language and Literature teachers to get a subscription!

Vanessa Skully, Western International School of Shanghai, China

This is a great site for lesson material, tips and ideas. I keep coming back for more! My students are always interested in the topics I use from your site and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone teaching English Language and Literature. Thanks so much!

Lorraine Evans, International School, Netherlands

The InThinking resources really help me focus on what I need to be teaching my students. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by the Lang & Lit course, I go to the InThinking web site and it puts me back on track.

Aletha Rossiter, Renaissance College, China

The InThinking website is a constant friend in my daily work as an English teacher. The specific topic ideas are very inspiring and can often be used without much preparation from me. I especially use the great tools, tips and tricks pages for the various exam types - they have been a great help to both me and my students in their attempts to be as well-prepared and good text readers and writers as possible.

Danny Goodwin, Lankaer IB World School, Denmark

The InThinking Site proved invaluable to me as a teacher new to the English LAL course and I continue to be a regular visitor two years later. Full of practical suggestions and resources to support both students and teachers.

Sue Budd, Skagerak International School High School, Norway

InThinking's English A: langage & literature site is nothing but a gold mine, full of tips on how to teach and structure the course, and with hands-on exercises in abundance to hone relevant skills. Not least, it is a time saver for the modern stressed out teacher.

Martin Idehall, Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet, Sweden

InThinking has proved to be an invaluable resource in my first year of IB. The course descriptions as well as the lessons and commentaries have made this transition enlightening and enjoyable.

Kevin Fallon, Brent International School, Philippines

I love this site - I don't know how I would teach the course without it!

Kelly Scotti, Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, China

The value this site has had for me has been immeasurable. I am constantly using the resources with my DP classes and the frequent updates allow my teaching to remain dynamic and relevant. If my school did not subscribe for me, I would have no hesitation in purchasing my own subscription. It is money well spent.

Patricia Bland, Dubai International Academy, Dubai

Both my students and I find the materials on InThinking excellent. It is particularly refreshing that David McIntyre has a background as an experienced IB teacher in his job of editor of this important resource.

Sean Kenny, Taipei European School Foundation, Taiwan

I have found the InThinking website tremendously helpful as a relative newcomer to the English Language and Literature course. I have found nearly all aspects of the site useful--the suggested lesson plans (especially for Parts 1 and 2), the sample coursework (Written Tasks, exams, and FOAs), and the readily accessible advice, rubrics and assessment forms. The website is a fantastic resource and I, for one, am grateful for it.

Attilee Dalene, Arendal videregaaende skole, Norway

I can think of no other IB resource I access that is more carefully curated and responsively updated than InThinking. David's materials and IB philosophy honor the spirit and the letter of the program and help me navigate our first pass at this course. The Commentary to Go and the links to content in the Language Parts 1 and 2 are particularly useful.

Mary N. Norris, Saint Louis Park High School, USA

The InThinking Language and Literature Website has been instrumental in my understanding of the syllabus and IB requirements for the course. It has also provided excellent material for lessons and for further research. David's kindness and efficiency in answering questions about anything related to the course is one of its most valuable features as well. A fantastic resource, all in all.

Connie Bellocq, St. Andrew’s Scots School, Argentina

Excellent Resource for Language and Literature! The site is laid out very well with great resources. And the moderators are very helpful and respond to questions immediately. Thank you!

Christine Breitenbach, Lincoln School, Costa Rica

The site is an absolute life-saver. Great resource materials are updated regularly and have been useful either as stand-alone lessons or as a springboard to develop a unit. Highly recommended. Keep it coming !

Zara Clayton, German Swiss International School, Hong Kong

This is an outstanding site. It has virtually replaced our paper texts. The material is thoughtfully selected, the tasks are engaging and focussed and the task-related material is comprehensive and illuminating... I have found it very easy to build my course around this page,and to intersperse it with my own material. This is entirely that page that I would have tried to build myself. Outstanding!

[Brony Tyrrell, Scotch College, Australia

I really like the resources that this site provides..they are very helpful in planning my teaching.

Ratnapria Datta, The British School, India

Kuddos to you all for taking effort ,to put all the information and resource materials, with suggetions under one umbrella. For beginners like me, this website comes in handy for clarification on how to go about with the curriculum and the resource materials ,which leads my students to a deeper understanding with a broader perspective, meeting the standards of IB. Thanks a ton!

Elizabeth Koshy, Indian Public School, India

The InThinking English language and literature website is a fantastic resource. My students also find the student login very helpful, particularly when they revise for the exams.

Anne Sofie Hovset, Porsgrunn Videregående skole, Norway

InThinking resources have helped me enormously - they can be used as provided, and also inspire many intelligent methods of creating materials, anchored in good practice. Helps make teaching even more enjoyable!

Alison MacDonald, International School of The Hague, Netherlands

InThinking provides resources, support and guidance that are useful whether you are new to teaching the programme or highly experienced. The layout is accessible and the forum comforting to have.

Patrick Curran, St. Louis School, Italy

In a curriculum that is as wide ranging and widespread as IB DP English Language A: Language and Literature, the InThinking website not only gives good advice on how to construct a scheme of work, but provides valuable support for the teaching and revision of the course.

Maggie Mangan, Anglo Mexican Foundation, Mexico

This site offers practical hands on materials you can directly use in the classroom. If you wanting to refresh your curriculum there os excellent source material to choose from.

Nancy Kikot, St-Maartens College, Netherlands

We have found your page to be a source of varied and interesting resources for our classes. There is always challenging and creative articles, tasks and points of view, which have helped us develop our course, providing us with activities and procedures making our teaching easy and reliable. My teaching team is really thankful.

Carlos Boix, Gimnasio Femenino, Colombia

Very helpful website. It has kept me afloat during my first year teaching this course.

Lara Snobar, Amman Baccalaureate School, Jordan

InThinking’s Language and Literature site has been indispensable for my course. Not only does it provide quality content and explanations that help me understand the program better, it has had an indelible effect on my students' study of literature.

Randall Girdner, American International School Dhaka, Bangladesh

The InThinking Lang & Lit website is the single most useful resource I have found. Not only does it provide ideas and resources for teaching and learning but also the samples of answers are a great help.

David Preece, International School of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Whether you are the educator who wants to generate resources yourself or the one who is looking for inspirations, InThinking website subject sites will ensure that you gain motivation for becoming the educator that cares for the well being of your students by easing some load you have been spending on preparations so far.

Janis Zeimanis, Riga State Gymnasium No. 1, Latvia

I could not have trained my first batch of English A: Language and Literature without the resources and teaching ideas from InThinking. Even now, as I prepare the second batch of English A: Language and Literature I gain a lot of inputs from the website, which is helping me gain confidence in handling the curriculum. Thank you very much, InThinking team.

Sajani Kaplingat, Good Shepherd International School, India

This site has helped me tremendously by clarifying the IB literature and by providing informative, engaging lesson plans that conform to the Language and Literature curriculum.

Elena Barrett, Imatran Yhteislukio, Finland

InThinking Language and Literature has been invaluable help during my first two years of teaching. Again and again I return to the examples, explanations, and teaching materials to assist me in building useful lessons for my students.

Karen Klein, International School of Krakow, Poland

InThinking is by far my number one go to resource for teaching my DP class. It is intuitively organized, substantial in its materials, and up to date.

Peter Pfister, Sekolah Ciputra School, Indonesia

I have been using the InThinking site now for a year, in my teaching of IB Diploma English Language and Literature - it has been incredibly useful for both my students and to myself. The sample material and resources provide excellent scaffolding. I will renew my subscription again as I find this site an invaluable tool in terms of my teaching of the subject.

Peter Dunoon, Edubridge International School, India

Thank you for relevant, useful and practical teaching material that make our lessons better.

John Haug, Lillestrom vgs, Norway

This website contains a plethora of resources and... is moderated by a highly experienced & caring educator whom you can direct your questions to and get clear responses from right away. I highly recommend this site for beginning IB teachers, who could truly benefit from wealth of information found here.

Helen Hyun, American Creativity Academy, Kuwait

InThinking is an invaluable resource to which I return time and time again. David McIntyre is always very helpful, and quick to answer queries and provide pragmatic advice and tips! In short, this website is a resource your school can hardly do without!

Sonja McCarthy-Strand, Porsgrunn Videregående skole, Norway

This website was a real lifesaver for me when I started teaching the Language and Literature course. ..The website is packed full of useful resources, easy to follow explanations of all sections of the course and is constantly updated with new materials. There is also a section to ask questions and get reassurance when needed. I would highly recommend it.

Kristina Depasquale, Verdala International School, Malta

As a new IB teacher InThinking has been an invaluable life line. Great ideas, easy to access and gives clarity on the course when I have been feeling overwhelmed. Thank you.

Hannah Payne, Shanghai Community International School, China