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May & November 2022 announcement: no paper 2 27 February 2021

No Paper 2 for May and November 2022 examination sessionsThe IB recently announced changes to the components and examinations for May and November 2022 sessions. The announcement included the following... more

May 2021 - what we do and don't know 14 January 2021

As we start a new year, those of us teaching in May session schools still face some uncertainty about what lies ahead for our DP2 students. With examinations being cancelled in some countries such as... more

Reading for pleasure 18 November 2020

If the state of play in the school at which I currently work is anything to go by, students are reading independently less and less – particularly as they progress through the school. Yes, they read... more

Important information for the May 2021 session 12 August 2020

An email was sent by the IB on Tuesday 11th August, detailing significant adaptations to subject assessments for the May 2021 session. As the email states, these adaptations come in response to "requests... more

"Literature is indispensable to the world." 7 June 2020

“You write in order to change the world, knowing perfectly well that you probably can't, but also knowing that literature is indispensable to the world. In some way, your aspirations and concern for... more

The new course - further updates 11 February 2020

In case you have not seen these, or if you have and are looking for some help unpacking them, here is a summary and some brief thoughts on some changes that have been made in the new course guide following... more

The new course: updates 8 December 2019

In October 2019, the IB updated the guide for the new course and last month they published a Frequently Asked Questions document to help answer some of the questions teachers have been raising now that... more

Farewell to the IOC! 12 October 2019

It is clear from some of the questions we have been getting, that many of you are preparing for the final ever round of IOCs. For some of you this may be the last of hundreds you have done over the years;... more

Getting ready for the new course 9 June 2019

As those of you in May session schools bring the year to a close and look forward to a well-deserved holiday, we know you will also have an eye on the next academic year and, in particular, the start... more

How to revise for English? 11 April 2019

This is a question most English teachers have heard, probably most years, as many students seem to find it hard to see English as a subject that they can revise for in the same way that they study for... more