Welcome to the website

Monday 20 February 2017

Designed to provide you with information, activities, resources and a host of teaching suggestions to help with all aspects of the Language A:  Literature course, this new site, we hope, provides support for teachers new to the course, those who have more experience, as well as  - in various ways - the students themselves.   

The site is divided between elements that are relevant to the four 'parts', as well as those which are more generic - including an ever growing section with material relevant to your teaching of individual texts, the inclusion of TOK and the Extended Essay.

Inevitably, although we hope there is already enough material to whet your appetite, much more will ensue in the coming weeks and months, and we invite feedback and suggestions as to the kinds of things you would like to see, read or made available as downloadable teaching resources in the future.

It has been a highly enjoyable, creative and fulfilling process so far, and we are looking forward to the site’s continued development.  Thanks for taking the time to peruse! 


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