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A lesson on the essay21 July 2021

This lesson focuses on the essay, its origins, some famous examples and some of the problems of clearly defining this (or any) genre. The essay has been described as a "puzzling literary genre"and students... more

Structuring the oralfree14 July 2021

Organising the Individual Oral Presentation is no easy task. There are many factors to bear in mind and many decisions to make in order for the assessment to score as highly as possible. Students might... more

How to ... write an introductionfree12 July 2021

Writing a good introduction is an essential feature of a strong essay but it can be challenging to do well. The introduction is important for practical reasons, e.g. where your teacher or examiner will... more

A lesson on paratext11 July 2021

There is a good lesson to be had from asking students to consider what we encounter as readers before we even get to the first page of the narrative in a prose text - what Gerard Genette called the paratext,... more

The 12 step approach to any poem 8 July 2021

"You can’t write a poem out of emotion only, there must be insight."As well as sage advice for aspiring poets, Philip Larkin's statement can also be adapted and adopted by students of Literature in... more

Ready for results? 30 June 2021

Results 2021In another unusual year, find below an outline of what the release of results and subsequent enquiry upon results services (EUR) mean for the two different routes schools took in May 2021. more

A lesson on the villanelle19 June 2021

The activity in A lesson on the poetic line asks students to think about form in relation to two free verse poems. The page ends stating that it is important students also study poets who use more traditional... more

Marking criteria18 June 2021

Below you can find easily viewable assessment criteria for each examined component. These might be useful to project in class when you are engaged in marking an exemplar response, but also as a means... more

A lesson on sound effects13 June 2021

Sound effects (or devices) are tricky things to comment on in a meaningful and insightful way; comments on alliteration, for example, can feel contrived and superficial, with the sense that students are... more

A lesson on setting in prose fiction12 June 2021

The conventions regarding setting in novels and short stories have, like all conventions, evolved over time. In The Art of Fiction, David Lodge states that a "sense of place was a fairly late development... more