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SL Paper 2 exemplar: Waiting for Godot and The Birthday Partyfree11 December 2018

This sample Standard Level response uses Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett and The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter to respond to a Paper 2 question on drama. The question used was from the May 2016... more

10 Tips for Paper 16 December 2018

The following 10 tips are designed to help students adopt a systematic and effective approach to Paper 1. Many of these strategies focus on what happens in that first, crucial part of the examination,... more

Introductions: Paper 2free27 November 2018

Introductions to Paper 2 essays often fall short for various reasons. Sometimes they are too long and identify nitty gritty that really should be kept back for the main body or the essay; sometimes they... more

The Language Criterion23 November 2018

A question posted on this website asked for some guidance on the distinction between the level 4 and 5 descriptors for Language, picking out the difficulty of distinguishing between language that was... more

Conclusions: Paper 220 November 2018

There are various ways in which you can conclude your Paper 2 essay. Making sure that you avoid the pitfalls mentioned in the title page for this section (e.g. not just repeating things you have already... more

Getting startedfree3 November 2018

Hopefully, it will suit those who are new to things, but also provide plenty of new materials, advice and extension for those who have taught the course for some time. Some parts are also written for... more

The Literary Conventions of Drama26 October 2018

Even if they have only ever attended one or two plays, students will already know a great deal about the conventions of drama and will take many of them for granted. Therefore, it is the teacher's job... more

Creating student accounts24 October 2018

Many of the pages on this site are accessible to students, and some are actually addressed to them. The information below explains how to provide your students with the means to use the site; if there... more

Persepolis19 October 2018

If you are considering a graphic novel for study on the course, we recommend Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. It is a text that students find both fascinating and accessible, provoking engaged personal... more

Mini-texts to go14 October 2018

While most of us have access to past paper 1 examinations, it is good to have a bank of other extracts that can be used to help students develop the skills and understandings needed for literary analysis... more