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HL essay: the importance of planningfree15 October 2021

It hardly needs pointing out that planning the HL essay carefully is an essential component in the development of a strong assignment.Any piece of written work that seeks to promote the development of... more

A lesson on the sonnetfree15 October 2021

"The sonnet's fourteen lines have called to poets for almost a thousand years. It is the Goldilocks form: when others seem too long, too short, too intricate, too shapeless, too heavy, too light, too... more

Cloze and sequence exercises15 October 2021

One of the difficulties that students encounter, particularly in relation to Paper 1, has to do with the notion of trying to 'second guess' the author's meaning - what the author intended. This is a rather... more

The pastiche15 October 2021

A motif that recurs throughout this site concerns the value of encouraging students to write creatively, in part because of its inherent value, but also - in a more pragmatic sense - because it can work... more

May 2021 exam report8 October 2021

You may well have already seen the exam report from the IB, published a few days ago on MyIB. It contains a lot of useful information and casts light on some of the questions you may have had either before... more

Individual oral exemplar #4: Out of Africa and Remembering Babylon2 October 2021

The influence of the natural environment on people adjusting to a foreign landThis individual oral shows how a student can start with one of the given broad fields of inquiry - in this case 'Science,... more

Structuring the oral27 September 2021

Organising the Individual Oral Presentation is no easy task. There are many factors to bear in mind and many decisions to make in order for the assessment to score as highly as possible. Students might... more

Paper 1 sample response #1325 September 2021

Standard Level response to 'The Kindness' by Jan BeattyThis is Standard Level student response to the poem The Kindness by Jan Beatty: the poem, guiding question, response and teachers' marks and comments... more

Individual oral exemplar #3: Miss Julie and Ama Ata Aidoo21 September 2021

This is a very strong oral that reflects a student taking confident ownership of her chosen Global Issue and its representation in two quite different works. The gender theme is one that many students... more

HL essay exemplar 6: The White Tiger10 September 2021

HL Essay Exemplar 6: The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga.The sample essay is available as a PDF and can also be seen by clicking on the icon below. Sample HL Essay: 'The White Tiger' more