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The Areas of Exploration: one text, three approaches15 April 2019

The three areas of exploration can be seen as three different lenses through which we can explore literature, lenses which can be applied separately or overlapped, depending on the text and the nature... more

Revision ideasfree12 April 2019

As the final IB exams are a yearly occurrence for teachers, it can be easy to forget that they come around just once in a lifetime for our students and are a completely new - and often completely daunting... more

10 Tips for Paper 112 April 2019

The following 10 tips are designed to help students adopt a systematic and effective approach to Paper 1. Many of these strategies focus on what happens in that first, crucial part of the examination,... more

Preparing to answer a Paper 2 exam question9 April 2019

Although it is obviously true to say that Paper 2 exam preparation is particular to the various texts students have been studying, there are nonetheless a range of more generic skills associated with... more

Intertextuality: 'It is Dangerous...'free4 April 2019

The title of this poem, It is Dangerous to Read Newspapers, suggests the power and influence of texts in our lives, and on one level the poem is about how no one, perhaps least of all writers, can live... more

Readers, Writers and Texts: 'It is Dangerous...'2 April 2019

Rather than giving students the whole poem straight away, the following approach - whereby students are given the poem bit by bit - encourages readers to pay closer attention to the details of how an... more

Time and Space: 'It is Dangerous...'1 April 2019

After students have explored the poem through the lens of the Readers, Writers and Texts area of exploration (see activities and questions from Readers, Writers and Texts: It is Dangerous...), the following... more

Tone and register23 March 2019

A second point worth making is that these three terms are often described as 'literary techniques', alongside the others we have considered. However, they are generally features created by these techniques... more

WA lesson ideas: Use a Reading Blog/Journal23 March 2019

In view of the points made on the previous page about developing students' independent responses to works, ask them to set up an online blog or purchase a simple notebook that is particular to the study... more

Introducing the new course: an activity23 March 2019

The new course invites consideration of literary works in a way that will be important to establish from the beginning. Traditional reading models locate the meaning of the work inside the text itself... more