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Overview of the new coursefree14 February 2019

The new course presents a number of key changes. The more straightforward ones, perhaps, relate to the type of assessments and the fact that there are now fewer of them. However, the more significant... more

The new coursefree11 February 2019

It is here! The Subject Guide for the new course was sent to schools last week and you should now be in possession of a copy. If not, please ask your IB Coordinator or download it from My IB, where... more

20 lesson starters...free5 February 2019

There can be little doubt that the opening few minutes of any lesson make a big difference to the quality of learning that will subsequently take place. Opening moments are vital to establish an atmosphere... more

SL exemplar 5: prose4 February 2019

This is an example of a strong SL Paper 1 response, written in response to the prose extract on the May 2017 TZ2 examination paper. The extract can be downloaded or seen by clicking on the icon below.... more

Narrative Voice and Perspective28 January 2019

This is a fundamental question - arguably the fundamental question - when faced with any prose text, as David Lodge explains:“The choice of the point(s) of view from which the story is told...fundamentally... more

HL exemplar 6: poetry26 January 2019

This is the second sample answer we have posted for this poem. The first exemplar (exemplar 3) is a truly outstanding response, with an intelligence and level of detail that not many students are capable... more

HL IOC Sample 1: Margaret Atwood poem and Slaughterhouse 519 January 2019

In this sample HL IOC the student gives a commentary on the Margaret Atwood poem, I Was Reading a Scientific Article, followed by a discussion on Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse 5. Listen to the commentary... more

Poetry: reading aloud..?18 January 2019

It is a frequently uttered maxim that poetry should be 'heard' or 'read aloud'. This is typically said in view of the way poetry in particular makes use of elements of sound and rhythm, which are not... more

Synonyms for analysis17 January 2019

For many students, the challenge of the Literature course does not lie in reading, understanding or engaging with texts, but rather in articulating their appreciation with clarity, precision and sophistication.... more

An Introduction to Reader Response/TOK Lesson Plan10 January 2019

The following lesson can be used as a way to introduce a core concept of the course - that reading as an activity involves a significantly more complex process than simply decoding 'what the author had... more