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Course Requirements Tracker free17 June 2019

One challenge with designing your course is making sure that all the requirements are met; this is particularly true as we start this new course (first teaching 2019) because there have been significant... more

Example Course Outline 1 (HL)10 June 2019

Rather than just adopting one organizing principle - concepts or areas of exploration, for example - this approach seeks to integrate and interleave the three areas of exploration, the seven concepts... more

Example Course Outline 2 (SL)3 June 2019

This Standard Level course design offers a more straight-forward approach than the HL sample (example outline 1). It is built around the areas of exploration, with each year following a sequence of four... more

The Learner Portfoliofree20 May 2019

As well as being a requirement for the Literature course from 2019, the Learner Portfolio is an opportunity for students to create a ‘space’ where they can analyse, explore, inquire and imagine in... more

The Learner Portfolio - a guide for students20 May 2019

While students will have experience of keeping a record of their work for English, whether in note books or on computer, the concept of the learner portfolio will be a new one for them and will require... more

Inquiry questions11 May 2019

One of the exciting elements of the new course relates to the fact that you have considerable freedom to organize it in a way that makes the most sense for you and the context in which you are teaching.... more

Internal Assessment 6 May 2019

Replacing the IOP and IOC, the individual oral combines aspects of both previous assessments into one internal assessment task, which is the same for SL and HL students in terms of the nature of the task,... more

The Areas of Exploration: one text, three approaches15 April 2019

The three areas of exploration can be seen as three different lenses through which we can explore literature, lenses which can be applied separately or overlapped, depending on the text and the nature... more

Revision ideas12 April 2019

As the final IB exams are a yearly occurrence for teachers, it can be easy to forget that they come around just once in a lifetime for our students and are a completely new - and often completely daunting... more

10 Tips for Paper 112 April 2019

The following 10 tips are designed to help students adopt a systematic and effective approach to Paper 1. Many of these strategies focus on what happens in that first, crucial part of the examination,... more