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Time and space18 August 2019

Time and Space is an Area of Exploration that invites consideration of the many and varied ways in which texts are written and read in particular times and places, and - more generally - the relationship... more

Intertextuality: connecting texts18 August 2019

Intertextuality: connecting texts invites exploration of the connections that exist between literary works, as well as the significance attached to comparison of them. It attacks directly the points... more

The Areas of Exploration18 August 2019

The Areas of Exploration are broad conceptual lenses which can be addressed in many different ways, for instance in choice of text, in points of comparison or contrast, or in the way a unit of work is... more

The Areas of Exploration: one text, three approaches18 August 2019

The three areas of exploration can be seen as three different lenses through which we can explore literature, lenses which can be applied separately or overlapped, depending on the text and the nature... more

Readers, writers and texts18 August 2019

Readers, writers and texts places emphasis on the status of literary texts as works of art. It addresses their aesthetic properties and considers the ways in which these properties create meaning. In... more

Identity free18 August 2019

Identity is one of 7 concepts that underpin teaching and learning in the English A: Literature Course. Linking to the 3 areas of exploration, these ideas allow students to make points of connection and... more

Inquiry questions30 July 2019

One of the exciting elements of the new course relates to the fact that you have considerable freedom to organize it in a way that makes the most sense for you and the context in which you are teaching.... more

Introducing the Concepts: an activityfree23 July 2019

It is important to introduce students to the seven concepts early on in the course so that they become familiar with them and begin the process of exploring, discussing and connecting them in the context... more

Concepts22 July 2019

One way of thinking about the seven defining concepts on the course is to see them as different lenses through which we can look at literary works; while it can be valuable and interesting to look at... more

Why a concept-based approach? 22 July 2019

The idea behind concept-based teaching and learning is to identify and work with big ideas that underpin a subject and which can provide a framework of understanding for all the knowledge and skills that... more