Margaret Atwood's poetry

Margaret Atwood's poetry can be studied in Part 2, 3 or 4 of the course and an accessible, enjoyable and challenging collection can be created from the many poems she has written over the last fifty plus years.  

The selection suggested here have been used for Part 2 as texts for the Individual Oral Commentary although the poems and suggested lessons could easily be adapted and used for either of the other two relevant parts of the course.  As these poems have been used with the IOC in mind, length was a consideration in their selection so these are all around twenty to thirty lines and are well suited to the time constraints and demands of the IOC.  

What follows is a suggested unit of work sequenced around a collection of Atwood's poems with generic poetry learning goals that could be embedded into any part of the course. The skills many of the activities ask students to work on are well suited to preparation for the IOC although they are, of course, transferable skills that will be of great use for any response to literature in any part of the course.  

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