The new course

English A Literature:  from August 2019

It is here!  The Subject Guide for the new course was sent to schools last week and you should now be in possession of a copy.  If not, please ask your IB Coordinator or download it from My IB, where you can also get hold of the new reading list and other relevant resources.  As the course presents a range of quite significant changes, it is going to take a little while for us to present you with materials to help you with planning and delivering it, but we are working hard!  Updates will appear here as soon as we can make them. 

Our instincts are to make clear first of all the nature of the new course and the ways in which it differs from what we are used to, as well as provide initial guidance about structure and text choice.  More details will follow from this point on.

Please see the adjoining pages.

Overview of the new course

The new course presents a number of key changes. The more straightforward ones, perhaps, relate to the type of assessments and the fact that there are now fewer of them. However, the more significant...

Selected Pages


Overview of the new course 13 March 2019

The new course presents a number of key changes. The more straightforward ones, perhaps, relate to the type of assessments...

Assessment 27 September 2019

The table below gives an overview of the assessment components for both the Standard and Higher Level Literature courses....

The Areas of Exploration 18 August 2019

The Areas of Exploration are broad conceptual lenses which can be addressed in many different ways, for instance in choice...

Inquiry questions 30 July 2019

One of the exciting elements of the new course relates to the fact that you have considerable freedom to organize it in...

Concepts 22 July 2019

One way of thinking about the seven defining concepts on the course is to see them as different lenses through which we...

The Learner Portfolio 20 May 2019

As well as being a requirement for the Literature course from 2019, the Learner Portfolio is an opportunity for students...

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