Course Requirements Tracker

Keeping track of the course requirements

One challenge with designing your course is making sure that all the requirements are met; this is particularly true as we start this new course (first teaching 2019) because there have been significant changes made to the course structure (no more parts) and to the nature of the assessments, as well as the new PRL where some authors previously on the IB lists have been removed, while many more have been added.   These changes are all exciting and open up new possibilities for course and unit planning, which is another reason we need to make sure that we take time to stop and check we have fulfilled the IB's expectations in terms of texts studied. 

The following tool is designed to help you check your course by tracking your units and texts over the whole two years while checking off the requirements.  The image below shows the template with headings and columns for checking off the requirements.  This can be downloaded for use with SL or HL (delete as appropriate in the required total row at the bottom).  The template can be downloaded as a word document by clicking the link beneath the image; there is also an example of a HL course overview for reference that can be viewed/downloaded.  

 IB Literature Course Tracker template 

 IB Literature Course Tracker (HL example)

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