The seven concepts

One way of thinking about the seven defining concepts on the course is to see them as different lenses through which we can look at literary works; while it can be valuable and interesting to look at a text through one lens, it is when we combine lenses that we really start to deepen what we see in literature. These ideas also present the means to make points of connection and comparison between works studied, as well as to facilitate narratives that might take us from one work to another. In other words, alongside the areas of exploration with which they interact, they structure the teaching and learning on the course.

The seven concepts:








Explanations of these concepts can be found on pages 27 and 28 of the Subject Guide.   These concepts have been chosen because "of the central position they occupy in the study of both language and literature."

For ideas about introducing the concepts to students:  Introducing the Concepts: an activity 

For further thoughts about the significance of this shift to a more explicitly concept-based course: Why a concept-based approach?  

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