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For a nervous first-time IB teacher, InThinking was there for me when there wasn't a lot of choice regarding teachers' reference materials. Now 5 years later, I still find myself coming back for teaching ideas and confirmation that I haven't gone crazy!

Timmy Yip, HKCCCU Logos Academy, China

InThinking EnglishB is the best tool for planning, organizing and keeping up to date with everything related to EnglishB syllabus, As icing on the cake, it gives meaningful insight into the EnglishB teacher's role and motivates to improve and develop...

Petra Lonka, Kannaksen lukio, Finland

This website is a great resource for English Language B teachers. Lots of information and best of all, free resources to use in class! I also like the way it's very up-to-date... I can highly recommend it!

Judith Goebel, Frankfurt International School, Germany


The wit of Bojo

12 July 2018

I find Boris Johnson fascinating ... well, make that ‘appallingly fascinating’, to be more precise. As an example of great intelligence... more

Life & Works

20 June 2018

What can we learn about works of literature by studying the author’s life? This issue has been raised for me by a discussion of a student’s... more

Rigid versus flexible

2 May 2018

The words ‘rigid versus flexible’ have been scrawled in my untidy list of blog ideas for quite a while. Suddenly, to my huge surprise, I... more

Subscriber comments

  • 21 Aug Dana Risley
    New OUP Course Book
    I found the former version of the OUP text to contain numerous errors in editing (wrong answers, etc.) I will hope they've cleaned up the editing on this one. I ended up buying the Philpot text which is very good.
  • 21 Aug David Ripley
    The 'creative' HL WA?
    In principle, Desiree, text mesages would be perfectly acceptable - the range of text types possible is very open. However (1) the decision to use text messages needs to be very convincingly justified in the Rationale; and (2) there is a risk...
  • 21 Aug Desiree Rivas
    The 'creative' HL WA?
    Dear David, Would a “text message exchange” be acceptable as a type of informal written correspondence? Many thanks!
  • 18 Aug David Ripley
    Extended Essay 2018
    These are interesting ideas, Mohammed, but I worry that they may cause problems in the context of the Extended essay :- 1. Where will the student get the research material from? Does he/she know any aboriginal languages? How much of the EE...
    Extended Essay 2018
    Hello Dave, What do you think about the following research questions chosen by my two students? 1. How has the existence of aboriginal languages affected the structure and the usage of the English language in Australia? 2....
  • 17 Aug Paul Forbes
    Key procedure issues
    Hi again, I think the question is answered in the section above! My apologies. Most of the students have used around 300 words for the rationale and then kept within the word count for the main task. They are essentially worrying whether the...
  • 17 Aug Paul Forbes
    Key procedure issues
    Hi For the Written assignment, my students have tended to go a little over on the rationale. This has resulted in word counts going over the combined rationale + task total. I see this would be an issue with the new guide but how does this...
  • 10 Aug David Ripley
    Subject Review for 2018
    By 'rubrics', Connie, you mean 'criteria' in IB-speak? If so, the answer is 'yes'... but in a restructured format for reasons of analysis and commentary. You can find these versions in the pages 'Writing criteria, unpacked' and 'Oral IA Criteria,...
  • 10 Aug Connie Collyer
    Subject Review for 2018
    David, Do you have all of the new rubrics loaded up on this web-site?
  • 9 Aug David Ripley
    Cat.2 clarified
    You're right to be doubtful, Miles. In short, I agree that this would be too Korean-centred - I don't know which artist you're talking about, but I would imagine that a deal of attention would necessarily have to be paid to the original (Korean)...
  • 9 Aug Miles Doherty
    Cat.2 clarified
    Hi David, I have a student who wants to focus on the rise of English within a particular K-pop artist's songs and a subsequent entry into Western (US culture). The student is wanting to link the language imperialism and subsequent reversals....
  • 9 Aug David Ripley
    New CUP Course Book
    No worries, Andrew - I'm often surprised to find this strange pointy thing on the front of my face!