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Inclusive language

17 September 2021

In a working party gathered to explore and discuss ideas for inclusion in the next Group 2 Subject Guides (due for introduction around 2026),... more

Kazuo Ishiguro

24 July 2021

I have just finished reading Kazuo Ishiguro’s latest novel Klara and the Sun. I find it a brilliant novel, absorbing and moving, and emblematic... more

Subscriber comments

  • 22 Sep Pearl Wong
    A booklist
    I would suggest 'House on Mango Street' as a good read for English B students
  • 20 Sep David Ripley
    Cat.2 clarified
    Your analysis of the key issues is correct and acute, Kristen. Here are my responses to your questions in the final paragraph. 1. I don't think this should be considered Cat.1 - which would normally be 'pure' linguistic analysis of an academic...
  • 20 Sep Kristen Korczynski
    Cat.2 clarified
    Dear David, I was going over the first EE draft of one of my student, whose RQ is the following: What effects are achieved by the language used by media in the coverage of women’s football? A linguistic analysis of the impact of sport media...
  • 18 Sep David Ripley
    HL Orals
    Your summary of the focus is correct, Kirsty - messages, observations + a basic summary. However, there is nothing wrong with talking about literary devices, if this helps with the understanding and explanation of the extract. Criterion B1...
  • 18 Sep Kirsty Simpkins
    HL Orals
    Hi David. I just want to clarify something about what is expected from students in Part 1 of the HL Oral. In the extract presentation, students are not required to comment on literary features, isn't that right? The focus should be on messages,...
  • 12 Sep David Ripley
    The students' reaction raises some interesting issue, Jessica, as your comment indicates. As someone who was partly involved in defining all of these text types, some years ago now, I would defend the interpretation, but I can understand that,...
  • 12 Sep Jessica Newman
    Hi David! I usually begin text-type writing with a blog/diary practice. For years now, the most common student reactions when introduced to the blog task have been amusement, perplexity and mystification. They think blogs are terribly old-fashioned....
  • 10 Sep David Ripley
    Text type expectations
    I can't help you with this, Gabriela, because I am not allowed to publish Official IB documents on this site. However, I have a couple of pages coming up about Paper 1 tasks which should help with this issue.
  • 10 Sep Gabriela Muñoz
    Text type expectations
    Hello David, I would like to know if you have Paper 1 exam for the last session of May 2021? My school decided to have only Internal Assessment. Nevertheless, I am aware that other school worldwide did have the exams. If you could help with...
  • 10 Sep Kelera Tuvou
    Covid conspiracy
    Love this resource.
  • 10 Sep Rama Shaar
    Klara and the Sun
    I used this novel in my class last year. I have a weak cohort to whom I couldn't have taught 1984. Klara and the Sun proved to be an excellent choice in terms of relevant themes, simplicity and accessibility. I must admit, I, personally, was...
  • 9 Sep David Ripley
    Paper 2 Listening
    No, Sophie - no marks are deducted for language errors in written answers in Paper 2. The argument is that Paper 2 tests comprehension, not language production. So, if the answer is comprehensible and correct, it gets the mark. The only problem...