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This site has been very helpful in both providing very useful resources, but also ideas about how to go about the teaching of particular topics.

Catriona James, Felsted School, UK

InThinking EnglishB is the best tool for planning, organizing and keeping up to date with everything related to EnglishB syllabus, As icing on the cake, it gives meaningful insight into the EnglishB teacher's role and motivates to improve and develop...

Petra Lonka, Kannaksen lukio, Finland

As a teacher new to DP, David's InThinking website has been an invaluable resource. While the IB guides are very useful, there are areas that require clarification, clarification I have repeatedly found on David's website. Having access to both the website...

Paul Rosevere, Kuei Shan School, Taipei


Politics in Neverland

15 November 2017

Catalonia has been prominent in the news recently – certainly in Europe, but probably also in various other parts of the world as well. All... more


10 August 2017

.I lay claim to the coinage of the above new word. OED, please take note. OK, it’s not a particular elegant or beautiful word, but I reckon... more

Somewheres & Anywheres

30 April 2017

Is it time to change the IB’s name? The ‘International Baccalaureate’ was an effective title when the IB was dreamed up in the late 1960s,... more

Subscriber comments

  • 12 Dec GOSIA Boduch
    Extended Essay 2018
    Dear David, Thank you very much for your answer and suggestions. I had no idea that the series is an adaptation of the novel and I found your idea of comparing them very interesting. I'll surely talk to my student about it. Thank you very much, Gosia
  • 12 Dec David Ripley
    Extended Essay 2018
    This sounds like quite an interesting subject for an EE, Gosia ... although it needs a slightly tighter focus, I feel. To start with, yes, the student can draw on the whole series, but obviously will need to select key moments in the character's...
  • 11 Dec GOSIA Boduch
    Extended Essay 2018
    Dear David, It's the first time I supervise EE and I have a few questions to you. One of my students has chosen to analyse one of the female characters from TV series "House of Cards", season 5 (13 episodes). Her research question is "To what...
  • 11 Dec David Ripley
    Written Assignment 2015
    Well, Stuart, it seems you've got imaginative students - and that you've been cultivating that imagination! Anyway, I wouldn't worry at all - examiners are always delighted to see texts which are interesting and genuinely creative (makes a...
  • 11 Dec Stuart Noble
    Written Assignment 2015
    Ps, will you be running the August workshop in Berlin?
  • 11 Dec Stuart Noble
    Written Assignment 2015
    Hi David, I have a student who has written an illustrated journal/diary entry. She has obviously spent a great deal of time on the artwork but her written text (598 words) is well written and works well (in my judgement) with the imagery to...
  • 7 Dec David Ripley
    Extended Essay
    This seems a bit tricky, Selda, and you're right to be cautious. I don't know the prose poem by Kincaid, but I can only imagine that the whole approach is fundamentally different, in technical/literary terms, to 'The Bell Jar'. This could possibly...
  • 7 Dec Selda Sarac
    Extended Essay
    Hi David, I have a question regarding the topic of a student who is writing a literature extended essay. She hasn't formed her question yet, but she wants to compare/contrast a prose poem "Girl" by Jamaica Kincaid and "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia...
  • 7 Dec Harthman Carpio
    Answer sheet, corrected
    Hello dear Yvonne and David! In my understanding of the exercise mentioned by Yvonne, I don't see such suggestion. The Exercise asks to simply assign the a-f otions in the right column (adjectives /adverbs). The issue option I see here is:...
  • 7 Dec Alice Melin
    Key procedure issues
    Thanks for your help David.
  • 6 Dec David Ripley
    The Individual Oral
    Certainly, Sharon - share away !
  • 6 Dec Sharon Barrett
    The Individual Oral
    Great, I thought that was the case but couldn't find evidence of it, but as always, I knew you would be able to put me straight. Is it OK for me to share this with other new English B teachers? A big thank you once again.