This website is a great resource for English Language B teachers. Lots of information and best of all, free resources to use in class! I also like the way it's very up-to-date... I can highly recommend it!

Judith Goebel, Frankfurt International School, Germany

This site is an invaluable resource of information both for starting teachers and experienced ones. It is always up-to-date with new additions in all exam components. One of the best things about this site however is the immediate contact with its curator...

Sadrina Vlachou, H.A.E.F (Psychico College), Greece

Where to start? This site is undoubtedly the best support you'll find for English B! We also used this site in our school as soon as we heard about it. It provides profound practical guidance on syllabus updates, lesson planning, exciting content and...

Sharon Barrett, Kartal Anadolu Imam Hatip Lisesi, Turkey

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'target culture(s)'?

20 August 2019

I have been busy analysing and marking samples of the new SL Oral Individual Interview. This is in preparation for a suite of pages to be published... more

Of blobs and difficulty

15 May 2019

Writing a sample Listening exam (see the page Listening exam #1 ) has made me think about the ways ‘difficulty’ is structured and assessed... more

Subscriber comments

  • 16 Oct Carina Bruzelius
    HL Orals
    Hi David, I have conducted an IO Mock with my students and I have a few examples that I would like to share with you. What is the most convenient way of sharing them? I would also appreciate some feedback since I am still struggling to fully...
  • 16 Oct David Ripley
    Listening Tasks
    Indeed, Nael, such a document was published at the end of August, and you can find it by following these directions : Programme Resource Centre > Diploma programme > Language Acquisition: Language B (first assessment 2020) > Assessment/General...
  • 16 Oct Nael Hamamra
    Listening Tasks
    Hello David, I have heard that IB has published an instruction document for language B listening, on how to conduct the exam, but I can not find that anywhere. Can you please clarify and help me out if there is a PDF or link for such a document? Many...
  • 15 Oct Gabriela Muñoz
    EE tips & comments
    Dear David: I really appreciate your feedback. The questions you suggest are very important and I will definitely use them with my student. By exposing her to these questions and encourage her to search for answers, I am sure she will a much...
  • 14 Oct Brian Carl Li
    HL Sample F
    Thanks David. As you mentioned, it's really a shot in the dark with the marking until the standards are out. I recently did a workshop about the new English B and when we did a group assessment on an IA-sample, there was a wide range of all...
  • 12 Oct David Ripley
    The Individual Oral
    The absolute understanding is that it should be one take only, Shurahbeel. The IB has always had a policy that teachers should not be pestered by students asking to do recordings again and again until they 'get it right' ... and that is perfectly...
  • 12 Oct Shurahbeel Abu AlSamen
    The Individual Oral
    Can the recording be repeated by the student, or is it one take only?
  • 11 Oct David Ripley
    EE tips & comments
    Sounds fine to me, Gabriela - more precisely focused, and more likely to be successful. A further thought - does she have a theory underlying this? What is the purpose or value of doing this study? Will the research tell us anything about the...
  • 11 Oct David Ripley
    Oral IA Criteria, unpacked
    I don't think that this would be in the spirit of the Interview procedure, Connie. It is not an exam, where you check whether they have memorised a mass of information - the Guide says explicitly that factual knowledge as such is not assessed,...
  • 11 Oct Gabriela Muñoz
    EE tips & comments
    Dear David, With reference to previous request regarding one of my students, who will write her EE related to Tarantino's latest film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" Please see below what you commented to me in the last message: o, concentrating...
  • 11 Oct Connie Collyer
    Oral IA Criteria, unpacked
    David,   Can I have hanging up on the day of the Individual Orals in the planning room the chart from the Language B guide that shows the themes, topics and possible questions?  Or, are students to have these memorized?
  • 10 Oct David Ripley
    The Individual Oral
    Indeed, Anita - the only specific requirement is that the Theme should be identified. No caption is required ... and even the source of the image does not have to be given (although it might be sensible to do this).