dithering 3

Sunday 21 February 2010

Down the pub they tell me that the Major has been going on about me on the internet and so I have a look and there it is. I'm a taxi driver he says and so I've got to have funny ideas. Well alright so I'm a taxi driver so what? I got rights like any one else and one of those rights is that I can say what I think. And if that's not being British I don't know what is.

As it happens just the same day as I see all that, there's this thing on the telly about this Chalcot - or is it Charcot? - anyway this enquiry thing into the whole Iraq business. Tony Blair and if he told the truth and all that. And what are they talking about? A taxi driver !!!!!!

It seems that the Secret Serbice wanted to know what was going on in Iraq, Sadam's weapon capability, and all that, and so what do they do? They send some James Bond or other out to the Middle East, and he snoops around, and when he gets to the Jordan Iraq border he comes across a taxi driver who's got some real inside info. He's had a couple of Iraqi officers in the back of his cab and they've been talking about Sadam's weapons of Massive Destructive Wotsit, and how they can hit anywhere they like in 45 minutes. So Bnd phones home with the hot news and it gets to Tony Blair, and before we know where we are, our boys have gone in and they're across the border and heading for Baghdad. Or was it Bahrein? Basra? Anyway.

And what all this goes to show is that the Major's talking out of his rear end. What does the Brit Gov do when it wants to find out about issues of histerical national importance? They ask a bloody taxi driver, that's what.   

So let's have a bitt-er respec for taxi drivers.



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