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Of paranoia and victimismo 16 May 2016

My first head of department growled to me one day “We all fail, David, what matters is how we fail”. This bit of world-weary wisdom impressed me greatly, partly because I was young, pink-eared and... more

Exercises & drills 17 March 2016

A major new development in this website is being stimulated by technical developments provided by Jordi and Ruben, Inthinking's website magicians. They have produced the fundamental software to create... more

Online exams 2 February 2016

A research team in Barcelona has produced a system for ensuring the validity of online assessment - essentially, by making sure that the person taking the assessment online is who they ought to be, and... more

Word games 19 December 2015

. Language is the supreme medium of politics ... or is it? On the one hand, all of the concepts of politics - ideals, principles, policies, targets, goals - are usually and best expressed in language.... more

On the topic of Topics 10 December 2015

Why are Topics such a major feature of the Language B Subject Guide? What should be the significance of Topics in devising a programme of work for English B? And how important are Topics in the assessment... more

#romeo&juliet 23 August 2015

I spend quite a lot of time advising teachers about their students' suggestions for Extended Essays. I came across the following proposal the other day : How would Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet be... more

Intellectual Vacuity Test 22 May 2015

The bizarre use of language in politics continues to boggle my mind. I recall an article written by Simon Hoggart, long-time parliamentary sketch writer for The Guardian, in which he revealed his professional... more

Adapting to ATLs 11 March 2015

I am engaged in another major re-organisation and development of the site. If you look at the sitemap, you'll see that the right-hand column is now called Approaches... (it was formerly called Activities... more

Text types & writing purposes 29 January 2015

I have been revising and re-organising the 'writing' section of the site over the last few days. This means that there are now a complete set of pages about the text types, and this is distinguished from... more

WA clarifications 26 November 2014

My attention was drawn to a recently-posted document on the OCC while I was at the Standardisation meeting at Cardiff. This is snappily entitled "Clarifications for language acquisition written assignments... more