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North-South buddy-schools 29 August 2014

So what does that title mean? Let me explain...During an exchange of emails with Natasha Hanzelic of Carey Baptist Grammar School in Melbourne, Australia, the idea emerged of setting up links between... more

Surreal propaganda 16 April 2014

Reality is sometimes much weirder than the most inventive fiction. To start with, it is curious that there are three Ukrainian waitresses working in the beach-side cafe where my wife and I go every... more

About challenge 10 February 2014

Part of the sales-pitch for the 'new' Language B programme was that it should be seen as 'more challenging'. Now that the 'new' programme is bedded down and has become the 'current' programme, to what... more

Nov 2013, reviewed 1 January 2014

I am writing this just after completing all the examination tasks for the November 2013 exam session. This means that now all schools offering English B, in both hemispheres, have completed the cycle... more

Political visions 1 December 2013

Does politics offer us visions ? Or dreams ? Or illusions ? Or delusions ? Or projects ? Or projections ? Or fantasies ? All of this is provoked by the latest piece of political commentary displayed... more

Bad vibes 25 September 2013

Devoted readers of this blog (yes, both of you) will have noticed that I comment regularly on the current political situation in Catalunya, especially in relation to the debate about whether Catalunya... more

New site developments 19 August 2013

Over the last year, I have concentrated on producing material concerned with the introduction of the new Subject Guide, and in particular material about the assessment process. This seemed appropriate... more

May 2013, considered 3 August 2013

Here are some quick preliminary comments based on what I have heard about how the whole May13 marking session has gone, under the new assessment system. These are merely indications of what will appear... more

On stereotypes 21 March 2013

In El Pais the other day (18 March 2013), there was a letter from a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language, describing and commenting on an incident in one of her classes. She had asked a group of... more

solid fluid 13 February 2013

The new Language B Subject Guide was published in February 2011. The Handbook of Procedures 2013 contains changes to that Guide. A new version of the Written Assignment is apparently going to appear... more