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Language test 2 7 October 2011

Phew! Here are the results of the annual Traumatic Event : Vehicle Inspection (ITV): the car passed (and so it should, given the money I spent on the exhaust)Spanish Language Competence Test (SLCT)... more

Language test 27 September 2011

It's the time of year for my Traumatic Experience. My elderly but reliable Opel Astra has to undergo its annual mechanical inspection, the ITV, which means taking the car to an official testing station... more

Santa Julitta 7 September 2011

To the Museo Nacional de Arte de Catalunya (MNAC to its friends) to see the newly re-opened and re-modelled section on Catalan Romanesque. Most impressive – cool, clear galleries with a reduced number... more

Changes to the site 30 August 2011

One of the fascinating things about writing a website is that the whole project remains flexible. You can always change everything, from the smallest aspect of phrasing to the entire overall structure.... more

Life's a beach 2 23 August 2011

The girl selling braids along the beach was absolutely beautiful. High rounded cheek-bones, curving eyelids, full lips turned up at the corners around a smile that was dazzling against her jet black... more

Let's pretend 19 August 2011

One intriguing aspect of the new Subject Guide is that it contains a writing task that doesn't involve students pretending … I'm referring to the Personal Response, the new Section B of HL Paper... more

Life's a beach 6 August 2011

You can find all human life on a beach. And what is more, if you take your lounging seriously, you have the time to watch and think and watch again … It's amazing how flexible small children are.... more

The Bank & the Gym 10 July 2011

The Bank/Gym polarity has surfaced again among my mental currents. Metaphors and analogies function as identifiers for ideas which float around the mind, like tags on the fins of dolphins or rings... more

E-marking crux 30 June 2011

Productivity has been down on this website for the last few weeks – I have been swamped by the demands of helping to introduce e-marking for the May 2011 English B papers. The experience has been,... more

Los indignados 31 May 2011

Plaza Catalunya, in the very centre of Barcelona. The site of the May 15 / Spanishrevolution encampment, occupying the square to demonstrate their protest against the social consequences of the financial... more