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Sci & Tech, evaluated 12 December 2018

Introducing Science & technology ... for sure, all of our IB Diploma student will have met these words - but it must be worth reviewing what they think the words mean. And 'reviewing' must mean applying... more

New CUP Course Bookfree11 December 2018

Author: Brad PhilpotPrice: $ 54.30ISBN: 9781108434812Format: Paperback386 pagesVisit the CUP website The Cambridge coursebook English B for the IB Diploma is now published, and represents a valuable addition... more

Blog, diary entry (& journal)9 December 2018

Edit page.The diary is a text type which has been around forever, but the blog is an extremely recent type of text. To be more precise, the Wikipedia 'diary' entry claims that Marcus Aurelius' 'Meditations'... more

Review9 December 2018

.This text type is really a journalistic form, which aims to combine objective information with subjective opinion. The (dominant) element of 'opinion' should involve analysis and evaluation – while... more

Written correspondence9 December 2018

.This group of text types involve writing directly to a specific reader – as opposed to the other text types, which all involve writing for a generalised or notional audience.The fundamental distinction... more

Set of instructions, guidelines9 December 2018

.The essence of these two related but distinct text types is that they both aim to give precise guidance as to how to handle a practical situation. The key to good instructions is that they give concrete... more

Official report9 December 2018

.The essence of this text type is the ability to present a clear explanation of a given subject – which involves (i) analysis, (ii) summary and (iii) organisation. What is meant by 'official' would... more

Intro to debate, speech, etc9 December 2018

.This text type involves the written form of a discourse to be presented orally. The task may emphasise clear explanation (talk, presentation), or convincing argument (introduction to debate, speech). more

Article9 December 2018

.The 'Article' text type evidently covers a vast range of approaches and styles. Selecting the most appropriate approach will depend on how the task is defined.The term 'article' clearly carries the notion... more

Listening sample #15 December 2018

But what does an IB English B listening comprehension test actually look like?As I write this, in early 2018, there are no definitive models, and obviously there are still no papers that have been used... more