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Narration22 August 2019

.A succinct definition of key features to be taught is given in Writing purposesOn this page, below:Arguably, the story is the most fundamental form of all - and I use the word 'form' deliberately, since... more

Description22 August 2019

.A succinct definition of key features to be taught is given in Writing purposesOn this page, below:The essence of writing description is that it is concerned above all with physical reality - it is related... more

Written correspondence21 August 2019

.This group of text types involve writing directly to a specific reader – as opposed to the other text types, which all involve writing for a generalised or notional audience.The fundamental distinction... more

Brochure, leaflet, etc21 August 2019

.Not so much a text type, more a list... Just to clarify, printers distinguish these different types of publication by their physical form : a flyer is a single sheet ... a leaflet is a single sheet,... more

Review21 August 2019

.This text type is really a journalistic form, which aims to combine objective information with subjective opinion. The (dominant) element of 'opinion' should involve analysis and evaluation – while... more

Interview21 August 2019

.There are two common varieties of 'interview': the 'transcript' and the 'embedded'. The Transcript reads like a script, being an accurate transcription of the words used, without commentary or description.... more

Article21 August 2019

.The 'Article' text type evidently covers a vast range of approaches and styles. Selecting the most appropriate approach will depend on how the task is defined.The term 'article' clearly carries the notion... more

Essay21 August 2019

.The Essay is one of the commonest forms that teachers mark – but is there really agreement on what is meant by 'a good essay' ? There are many different conventions for many different types of essay,... more

Blog, diary entry (& journal)21 August 2019

The diary is a text type which has been around forever, but the blog is an extremely recent type of text. To be more precise, the Wikipedia 'diary' entry claims that Marcus Aurelius' 'Meditations' (second... more

Teen issues: guided inquiry15 August 2019

The inquiry procedure, in practice ... in this page, and its subordinate page, Beata demonstrates how an inquiry unit is developed, and applied in practical ways in the classroom. Note that this would... more