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NEW Grade boundary chartfree25 September 2018

Until the first examination session for the 2018 Subject Guide, in May 2020, we will not know with any precision what the grade boundaries will be. These will only be decided properly once the senior... more

On Grade Boundaries18 September 2018

In IB terminology, it is important to remember the distinction between marks and grades:Marks are the numbers awarded for performance in all the individual elements of the assessment components. Thus,... more

A booklistfree9 September 2018

Choosing texts for the whole class to read is a tricky business. To start with, there are so many possible texts out there, so where do you start? Then, what balance should there be between what you enjoy,... more

Images (& metaphors)31 August 2018

The basic meaning of 'image' is 'anything that is seen', but the full meaning probably means something like 'anything that is selected to be seen' ... which is why images have importance in any system... more

Core search procedures16 August 2018

Google is a wonderful, even miraculous system - but it can promote lazy thinking. How can we guide our students to think with Google, rather than let Google do the thinking for them ?The following are... more

Approach to internet research15 August 2018

On this page, I concentrate on a range of general procedures to be applied in classes in order to get the most out of using the internet. What do we mean by 'procedure'? Here is the definition from the... more

The stimulusfree14 August 2018

The trick of doing Section B well is to read the stimulus attentively, pick out the Key Points, and then think about them methodically. There then follows the challenge of presenting those ideas clearly... more

Essay14 August 2018

.The Essay is one of the commonest forms that teachers mark – but is there really agreement on what is meant by 'a good essay' ? There are many different conventions for many different types of essay,... more

Interview14 August 2018

.There are two common varieties of 'interview': the 'transcript' and the 'embedded'. The Transcript reads like a script, being an accurate transcription of the words used, without commentary or description.... more

Proposal14 August 2018

.The essence of this text type is to 'sell' a concrete idea (rather than to 'win' an abstract argument, as in a debate or an essay task). This will usually involve suggesting specific practical changes... more