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EE tips & comments1 November 2018

This page was originally written to explain the 'old' EE system, i.e. in effect up to November 2017. It has now been edited and partially re-written, but it remains relevant to the 'new' EE system (from... more

Extended Essay 20181 November 2018

Students submitting Extended Essays from May 2018 onwards have to submit their Extended Essay according to the new Extended Essay Subject Guide. In fact, if we compare the 'old' EE system with the 'new'... more

Scanning toolkit30 October 2018

'Toolkit' pages are collections of practical tasks which can be set to students in order to develop and exercise key language-handling skills. Each is based on one of these skills or sub-skills. more

Hate speech 30 October 2018

Society and ideas ... arguably, society cannot properly exist without language, without the ability to communicate ideas. The problem is that ideas can also be profoundly disruptive of society. Should... more

Declaration of Independence 30 October 2018

Deciding social organisation ... as noted below, the US Declaration of Independence is a rare example of a radical, fundamental decision about how to organise society which actually worked at the time,... more

Dynamic questioning28 October 2018

This short but lively text comes from The Guardian's Travel section of a few years back. The idea of conveying information through an imagined informal conversation, often quite witty, was a feature of... more

Technology & reading 27 October 2018

The ingenuity of literacy ... you have to be ingenious to read - but then someone had to be ingenious to write what you read in the first place! And then there is all the ingenuity involved in how written... more

Futures, debated 26 October 2018

The consequences of ingenuity in Science & Technology ... until relatively recently, scientific knowledge was considered to be fixed and static - at least in principle, even if there were gaps in knowledge... more

The pleasures of hating 25 October 2018

Experiencing hate ... a nasty area to think about, but don't we all do it from time to time? If we accept this, all IB students should be encouraged to reflect about this unpleasant fact, and try to achieve... more

Sand Sun & Sea 25 October 2018

Pleasurable experience, considered ... we can use language to describe pleasure ... to evoke pleasure ... to analyse pleasure. This text touches on all of these areas.We all have experience of relaxing... more