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The tasks toolkit22 September 2015

Assuming that the concept categories in the PNCCPS framework ( see Literary study tasks ​) are our general teaching targets, how do we get the students to understand them, and to apply them as analytical... more

Literary study tasks22 September 2015

When I first started writing this site, my approach to the 'Reading good reads' section, addressing books for literary study, was to deal with each book in great detail and depth, with worksheets on every... more

Gatsby's Party12 September 2015

Here is a classic - the scene-setting description of how Gatsby's parties impressed his neighbour, and our narrator, Nick. If The Great Gatsby is about glamour, this passage is largely responsible for... more

Advanced Compare & Contrast12 September 2015

This text was deliberately written to demonstrate the handling of two contrasted ideas.Whether it works or not - whether effective communication is achieved - depends on command of techniques in two of... more

Playing the Enemy11 September 2015

Playing the Enemy John Carlin (2008) is a complex but accessible book which combines journalism, history, and the narrative 'hook' of a good novel. It is also a genuinely inspiring book because it is... more

Two texts, compared4 September 2015

For Advanced groups of students, compare & contrast is very often seen as a classic type of exercise in literary criticism - indeed, it has an important part in the current A2 programme. Now, the place... more

Style4 September 2015

A significant part of the force and authority of The Curious Incident... is that it is written in the real language of real life. The narration is coherently and consistently Christopher's voice - the... more

Nov 2014, reviewed30 August 2015

For the southern hemisphere, this was the second session of assessment using the new Subject Guide. It would seem that teachers and their students had settled down to the now-current system, and there... more

P2 sample 216 August 2015

This sample was written under Mock exam conditions, and is based on questions adapted from two real IB papers. Marking Notes from those papers have been similarly adapted for guidance.The handout Sample... more

Developing language2 August 2015

Oliver Sacks' book Seeing Voices (1989) is a fascinating enquiry into how people who are deaf from birth cope with the world, and in particular, how they develop and handle language. As usual with Sacks'... more