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Introducing the MYP20 December 2015

Increasingly, schools that offer the Diploma programme also offer the Middle Years Programme (MYP). In such a situation, how should the two programmes be integrated; and what can Diploma English B teachers... more

Practicals writing frame19 December 2015

The term 'writing frame' is used in English language teaching to signify a transferable pattern or design to help organise the way that students approach writing for particular tasks. A simple, even trite,... more

Vocabulary & concepts13 December 2015

The teaching of vocabulary is a significant issue in all sciences, as discussed in Language in science - subject-specific words in science are "necessary compressions of complex concepts" without which... more

SL sample E13 December 2015

Using the sampleStep 1 : Print and give out the handout containing the sample - after they have read it, ask them to rate how good it is, and then explain what they see as strengths and weaknesses more

YouTube & Innocence10 December 2015

I actually set out to write this page about the video 'Innocence of Muslims', posted on YouTube, which caused a major controversy in September 2012. This video, or rather reactions towards it, remains... more

Women & Facebook10 December 2015

Here's a topic that surely will be relevant to a lot of your students! It doesn't just involve the whole issue of how Facebook enables new ways of presenting yourself to the world, there is also the underlying... more

Technology & reading10 December 2015

This page considers the nature of reading, from a conceptual angle and from a linguistic one. The conceptual angle is to draw students' attention to the idea that reading is not just an unchangeable,... more

Student internet wordnet10 December 2015

What do we get from the internet? The amount of stuff you can find on the internet is absolutely enormous - but surely we would recognise that it is not all equally useful or valuable. How do we decide... more

Age on the internet10 December 2015

This page principally proposes a writing activity - practising how to incorporate quotations in an article - but it may also be used to raise a number of ethical issues about how the internet should be... more

Obama at Tucsonfree10 December 2015

There are moments when language changes life - when the course of events is changed by choosing the right words at the right moment.It would appear that such a moment happened on Wednesday 12 January... more