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Two Caravans9 November 2014

On a strawberry farm in Kent, migrant workers from various different countries such as Poland, Ukrainia, Malaysia or Malawi work gathering strawberries for pathetic wages. At night, the men sleep in one... more

Roast Beef, reviewed26 October 2014

Judith Goebel teaches English at Frankfurt International School..I remember when I was training to be a teacher, a lecturer once said, ’If you ever want to get kids talking, bring up the topics of pets... more

On allocating 'bi-linguals'19 October 2014

One consequence of the reviewed system for Groups 1 and 2, initiated in 2011 and first examined in May 2013, is that the old Language A2 course, designed specifically for bi-linguals, has disappeared.... more

Key WA skills29 September 2014

In a sense, Written Assignments at both levels require the same skills - the ability to read thoughtfully, form a view, extract support material from what has been read, and then express that view through... more

The 'creative' HL WA?29 September 2014

The HL Written Assignment requires 'creative writing'. Fine ... but what do we mean by 'creative', and more to the point, what advice do we give to students so that they shall be as 'creative' as possible? more

WA process form27 September 2014

(This page, and the process form itself, were both written in relation to the 'old' WA system which operated from May 2013 - Nov 2014. However, I have kept the page, because the principle behind it remains... more

Writing pastiche14 September 2014

It appears that writing 'in the style of' may be seen as a valuable skill to have when doing the Written Assignment - particularly at HL, where producing pastiches of the source work is likely to be a... more

Structuring a paragraph10 September 2014

What are paragraphs for ? There are plenty of eminent writers in English who despise the whole idea of paragraphs (take Virginia Woolf, for instance), and the influence of the internet seems to be reducing... more

Global intestinal culture9 September 2014

We language teachers often forget (or, let's admit it, may never even have considered) that scientists can be vividly imaginative people. This may be because some are inarticulate, or perhaps launch into... more

Developing 'voice'31 August 2014

Joshua Parker teaches English at International School Augsburg..In both the written and spoken forms, many students find it difficult to move beyond their own voice. Indeed, some even seem perplexed at... more