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Practical planning19 March 2015

I often get this plaintive question at workshops from teachers just starting to teach English B, and it is difficult to know what to reply - not because there aren't answers, but because the immediate... more

Paper 2 Article (H)15 March 2015

.The interesting thing about this script is the way that the 'article' text type has been handled. The label 'article' covers an enormous range of styles, formulas and approaches, and yet we recognise... more

PR sample (H)15 March 2015

.This is a model, in my view, of a really well-focused Personal Response. The command of language is evidently very strong, but what makes this striking is that the student has thought carefully about... more

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas8 March 2015

This novel is a child's-eye-view story. Its protagonist is Bruno, nine years old, who lives with his Mother and Father and sister Gretel (thirteen years old and a Hopeless Case), in Berlin in a very nice... more

German3 March 2015

Paul Shoebottom teaches English at Frankfurt International School..Let's assume I ask the mixed nationality students in my English class to turn in a piece of writing anonymously, and I read this extract... more

Tasks & activitiesfree19 February 2015

The following scheme of categories of tasks arose from simply listing as many as possible of the things that are done in the language classroom, and then sorting them into groups. These groups defined... more

Gathering ideas15 February 2015

Let us expand the ideas already listed in that chart on the page Thinking . To start with it is worthwhile to distinguish the two major modes in which ideas can be gathered:-Receptive - gathering ideas... more

Presenting ideas15 February 2015

I am not entirely happy about the term 'presenting' for this group of thinking skills. It is generally the case that any process of gathering and exploring ideas usually ends up with 'presenting' them,... more

Step by step Explanation15 February 2015

Opening Gambit:"Explain to me how that happens (happened) ... Make sure that you go step by step - you have to make clear how one thing logically leads (led) to another ..." more

Instructions 115 February 2015

Opening Gambit:"You have to give clear instructions to tell someone how to ... You have to study the situation carefully, break the task down into sensible steps, and then express those steps clearly... more