• Covers writing as 'the considered use of language' - valuable both for student practice and for teacher analysis
  • Teaching Writing aims to cover all areas useful for encouraging writing skills appropriate for English B students. This includes ...
  • Links: texts for writing ... lists of texts provided elsewhere in the site which will act as models
  • Developing writing skills ... ways to help students handle the writing process in methodical and effective ways; and... 
  • ... teaching techniques to stimulate lively writing
  • Specific text type skills ... defining each text type in terms of the IB's 'transfer goals', and grouping texts by relative ease and complexity
  • Text type conventions ... a reference page summarising text type conventions
  • Detailed coverage of text types is provided in subordinate pages, with models and recent exam tasks
  • Writing purposes ... adapted from the 'old' Subject Guide, the concept of communicative purposes: models and samples showing how specific writing purposes may be handled

Selected Pages


Specific text type skills 27 April 2021

By 'specific skills', I wish to define the kind of approach required for each text type, and the kind of language expected....


Text type expectations 22 April 2021

To put it another way, how will they be expected to handle each text type in Paper 1: Productive skills - writing? Basically,...

Roast Beef, reviewed 2 December 2021

Judith Goebel teaches English at Frankfurt International School..I remember when I was training to be a teacher, a lecturer...

Eat Pray Love, critical 26 November 2021

Reviews are supposed to be 'balanced' and 'fair' (as in the page Eat Pray Love, balanced ), but that does not exclude the...

Eat Pray Love, balanced 25 November 2021

Students find it relatively easy to express extreme opinions - "It was great!" or "It was crap!" Having strong views is...

Narration 6 July 2021

.A succinct definition of key features to be taught is given in Writing purposesOn this page, below:Arguably, the story...

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