TOK, language & communication

  • In contrast to the headline section Language System, which is concerned with how language works (i.e. the structures of grammar and syntax)...
  • ...this section is concerned with what language means (i.e.semantics and media) - in other words, how language affects how we see the world
  • This issue, or general subject area, is addressed through two main sections :-
  • Language & TOK provides a range of materials to consider how language helps us to construct reality
  • These materials provide a range of different ways to integrate aspects of TOK into English B classes, and...
  • introduce students to how language and thought interact
  • Communication & Media - this section covers several aspects of the media, from advertising to news reporting ...
  • ... with particular emphasis on the political, cultural and moral issues raised by the development of the internet
  • Links are provided to a range of stimulating internet sites and sources...
  • with printable versions of materials for use without internet connection in the classroom
  • Emphasis on combining the internet with many other forms of classroom activity

Using language to explore

This new section has been devised to give more prominence to teaching fundamental concepts of how language functions. It combines the main body of existing material to support the teaching of Language aspects of Theory of Knowledge, with a selection of material from the old programme’s ‘Communication & media’ Topic.

The common ground of all this material is to do with how we use language to 'make sense' of the world. We 'make sense' using language on our own account, thinking for ourselves ... and the media 'make sense' for us, through the vast communications industry that constructs a bewildering range of alternative worlds. Have a look at the page  Language & TOK  to see the idea of 'making sense' developed further...

Internet-based research

Most material presented here will be based on research on the internet. This is deliberate, because the internet ...

  • provides a vast range of material, so topics can be viewed from many different angles
  • makes available up-to-date material on issues of contemporary relevance
  • encourages active student research, thus developing essential skills of enquiry, discrimination and selection
  • should provide clues to developing systems of internet-based teaching 
  • ... and makes for a more vivid, varied, interactive website !

I am using my researches on the internet to develop procedures of research that can be used to guide students when they do the same kind of thing - certain pages explain and emphasise these techniques. 

So, consult  Computer Verbs ; and also the page Internet tasks , for an overview of procedures for using the internet in the classroom.

Selected Pages


Language & TOK 14 June 2021

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is inherent in the teaching of any language, and so TOK is naturally and inevitably involved in...


Fake news 25 January 2021

In 2016, the Oxford English Dictionary declared 'post-truth' to be its Word of the Year ... reflecting the recognition that...


Advertising, reviewed 5 November 2017

Here is an internet site with vast possibilities :Ads of the World.comIt is a site for the advertising industry, principally...


Social media survey 28 December 2015

To launch the discussion, here's a very slick presentation which is brrreathlessly excited about the whole process ...**...

Internet wordnet 17 November 2021

What do we get from the internet?The point of this page, and of its related Student Access page Student Internet Wordnet...

Reporting conflicts 24 June 2021

The news is full of dramatic, often horrifying, stories from war zones. Students will be aware of this, catching slices...

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