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Where to start? This site is undoubtedly the best support you'll find for English B! We also used this site in our school as soon as we heard about it. It provides profound practical guidance on syllabus updates, lesson planning, exciting content and answers to your urgent questions, if not within an hour or so, definitely within 24 hours. David is also on hand responding to more detailed question via email. His attention to detail and support makes this site an invaluable source and IB DP Companion. Having

Sharon Barrett, Kartal Anadolu Imam Hatip Lisesi, Turkey

Our school has subscribed to InThinking English since we started our IB program in 2013. David provides excellent resources and sensible guidance which answers questions directly. As well as building program contents, there’s invaluable advice about building a program and assessment tools to download. An essential resource for IB English teachers.

Gerry Foley, WHBC Wuhan, China

This site is an invaluable resource of information both for starting teachers and experienced ones. It is always up-to-date with new additions in all exam components. One of the best things about this site however is the immediate contact with its curator David Ripley as he readily and promptly responds to questions posed by at times anxious but at the same time motivated teachers around the globe.

Sadrina Vlachou, H.A.E.F (Psychico College), Greece

As a teacher new to DP, David's InThinking website has been an invaluable resource. While the IB guides are very useful, there are areas that require clarification, clarification I have repeatedly found on David's website. Having access to both the website and David's expert advice has had a tremendous effect on my ability as a teacher to provide a first wave of graduating students with a sense of order and assurance.

Paul Rosevere, Kuei Shan School, Taipei

This website is a great resource for English Language B teachers. Lots of information and best of all, free resources to use in class! I also like the way it's very up-to-date... I can highly recommend it!

Judith Goebel, Frankfurt International School, Germany

InThinking EnglishB is the best tool for planning, organizing and keeping up to date with everything related to EnglishB syllabus, As icing on the cake, it gives meaningful insight into the EnglishB teacher's role and motivates to improve and develop one's work.

Petra Lonka, Kannaksen lukio, Finland

For a nervous first-time IB teacher, InThinking was there for me when there wasn't a lot of choice regarding teachers' reference materials. Now 5 years later, I still find myself coming back for teaching ideas and confirmation that I haven't gone crazy!

Timmy Yip, HKCCCU Logos Academy, China

This site has been very helpful in both providing very useful resources, but also ideas about how to go about the teaching of particular topics.

Catriona James, Felsted School, UK