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Distance Learning and Blended Learning 1 March 2020

Many schools are already closed due to the Covid-19 virus or in the planning stages for being closed. When I discussed the possibility with my own students, they said, well you will be alright, we can... more

Reviewing - Quizlet Live 10 November 2019

Quite a while ago, I developed quizlets on each subtopic which included key definitions and concepts. I missed the definitions in the latest subject guide (I believe they will make a reappearance in the... more

Our ESS Journey 16 April 2019

It is an immense privilege to teach this course but it also has many challenges. Students may choose it because they "hate" science, some may choose to do it as a strategic option and quite a few might... more

What does sustainability mean to you? 15 April 2019

I recently travelled to London to attend the Economist's Sustainability conference. Here are a few of my observations from the day.How would you define sustainability? If you are a student or teacher... more

New to ESS? 4 March 2019

I am sometimes contacted by teachers who have been asked to teach ESS and want some help getting started. No matter what your teaching background, there will be areas of this course that will be new to... more